Who are the members of the International Raelian Movement?

Who are the members of the International Raelian Movement?

There are two levels of membership in the International Raelian Movement. First, there are the rank-and–file “Raelians” who make up the majority of the membership and consist of loosely-affiliated, baptised members with varying degrees of commitment and engagement.

Who are the Raelians and what do they believe in?

Raelians call the extraterrestrial creators Elohim, a Biblical term, but the Rael movement is “an atheistic religion,” with “no God, no supernatural,” says Marsic. Even so, “we have a spiritual teaching.

How many Raelians are there in the world?

The total time between Raël’s first encounter and his return from the trip into space: 666 days. By this time, there were a few hundred members of the Raëlian movement. Over the last 30 years or so, this number has grown to somewhere in the tens of thousands, though estimates vary.

Who is the founder of the Raelians band?

The Raëlians were founded in 1973, by a young French street musician, race car driver, and automative journalist named Claude Vorilhon (please pardon my non-effort to pronounce that properly).

Is the Raelian Movement a non-profit organization?

The Raelian Movement is a non-profit organization. It is completely funded by its members, who share the same common goals. All members, without exception, volunteer their time, which means that the funds are used solely for actions that support the Movement’s mission, activities and gatherings.

What is the initiation ritual of the Raelians?

The Raelians’ initiation ritual is the Transmission of the Cellular Plan (or “Baptism”). Raël himself, or one of his Bishop guides, will dip his hand in water and place it on the initiate’s forehead in order to transmit his/her genetic code to the Elohim’s machines.

What kind of religion is the Raelian religion?

Raelians revere the power of Science. Raël claims to have founded the world’s “first atheistic, scientific religion,” that is, a religion that has been purged of blind belief, superstition, “obscurantism” and mysticism.

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