What is the cost to travel in golden chariot?

What is the cost to travel in golden chariot?


COST Per Cabin ( in US$)
Tariff Valid till April 2023 Departs
On Single Occupancy US$ 7350 US$ 4200
On Double Occupancy US$ 8400 US$ 4800
Important: Add 5% Taxes Extra Add US$ 500 Holiday Surcharge Extra Per Person for Departs Covering Xmas & New Year Indians pay in equivalent Rupees

How much does it cost to ride the Maharaja Express?

Maharajas’ Express Fare for 2020-21, 2021-22 & 2022-23

Adult Single Supplement
Deluxe Cabins USD 3,850.00 USD 2,910.00
Junior Suite USD 4,950.00 USD 4,460.00
Suite USD 7,600.00 USD 7,600.00
Presidential Suite USD 12,900.00 USD 12,900.00

Which is the cheapest luxury train in India?

Maharaja’s Express
Maharaja’s Express is the cheapest luxury train in India..

What is the ticket price of Palace on Wheels?

Palace on Wheels Price 2020, 2021-2022

Cabin Type Per Person Per Night Cost Total Cost Per Person (7N/8D)
Deluxe Cabin on Double Occupancy Rs 30,000/- Rs 2,10,000/-
Super Deluxe Cabin on Single Occupancy Rs 1,08,000/- Rs 7,56,000/-
Super Deluxe Cabin on Double Occupancy Rs 54,000/- Rs 3,78,000/-

Which is the best luxury train in India?

These uber-luxury trains are not just a means of transport, but journeys where you’re in no hurry to reach the destination.

  1. The Deccan Odyssey. Image Courtesy: Deccan Odyssey Official Site.
  2. Maharajas’ Express. Image Courtesy: The Maharajas’ Express Official Site.
  3. The Golden Chariot.
  4. Royal Rajasthan on Wheels.
  5. Palace on Wheels.

Which is the best train in India?

Top 10 Popular Trains in India: Best Train Journeys

  1. Vivek Express. The Dibrugarh-Kanyakumari Express also known as Vivek Express is currently the longest-running train in India.
  2. Himsagar Express.
  3. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.
  4. Palace on Wheels.
  5. Golden Chariot.
  6. Maharaja Express.
  7. Deccan Odyssey.
  8. Maitree Express.

Do Maharajas still exist?

India’s royalty lost their official powers when the nation gained independence in 1947 but the modern-day maharajas are still wealthy and influential – what’s more they still know how to arrange a lavish, fairytale wedding.

Is Maharaja Express only for foreigners?

So, traveling through Maharajas’ Express will be lavish and luxurious. Due to this luxurious conception, some people are thinking that Is Maharajas’ Express is only meant for Foreigners? So, anyone can travel through the Maharajas’ Express and it is always open for all who are interested to travel on it.

Which is the richest train in India?

Here’s a list of 5 luxury trains run and maintained by the Indian Railways:

  1. Maharajas’ Express. Owned and operated by IRCTC, Maharajas’ Express is the most expensive luxury train in India.
  2. Palace on Wheels.
  3. Royal Rajasthan on Wheels.
  4. The Golden Chariot.
  5. The Deccan Odyssey.

What is the cost of Palace on Wheels in rupees?

(For Indian Nationals Only)

Occupancy Type Price (Per Person Per Night) Total Amount (7 Nights)
Single Occupancy INR 64600 INR 452200
Twin Sharing INR 48620 INR 340340
Super Deluxe(Suite) INR 134640 INR 942480

Which is the most luxury train in India?

5 Luxury Trains Of India That Are The Pride Of Indian Railways

  1. Maharajas’ Express. Owned and operated by IRCTC, Maharajas’ Express is the most expensive luxury train in India.
  2. Palace on Wheels.
  3. Royal Rajasthan on Wheels.
  4. The Golden Chariot.
  5. The Deccan Odyssey.

What are the Itineraries of golden chariot train?

The train offers 3 itineraries, including Pride of Karnataka, Jewels of South, and Karnataka’s Glimpses. All of the trips span over the 4 to 7 days of duration and get you covered with experiences enriched with a dash of heritage and nature, including the thrilling wildlife and coastal town vibes.

How many guest rooms are in golden chariot?

Inside the Golden Chariot Luxury Train, guests will find the facilities that will surpass the 5-star accommodation. With Dravidian art and culture, Golden Chariot is drenched with pure luxury on wheels. This 18 coach luxury train has 44 guest rooms where 84 guests (approx.) can be accommodated.

Is there service tax on the golden chariot?

Service tax @9% shall be levied on the prevalent tariff of The Golden Chariot as per Government of India norms. The train tariff is inclusive of accommodation on board The Golden Chariot and other resorts/ Travel/ all meals/ conducted sightseeing tours / entrance fees at monuments / parks/ palaces and cultural programmes.

Which is the best train tour in South India?

The Golden Chariot | Book Train Tour Package 2018-19 Luxury Train of South India. The first and only luxury train in India offering tours to Southern region, the Golden Chariot is an award winning luxury train offering 2 itineraries across some of the most prominent destinations in South India.

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