What happens in the end of the spear?

What happens in the end of the spear?

Mincayani gives Steve his spear, with the point at his own chest, and tells Steve to kill him. He tells Mincayani that his father did not lose his life, but he gave his life. It is, as it has been for the Waodani people for some decades now, truly the “end of the spear.”

Is End of the Spear Based on a true story?

Based on the true accounts of five missionaries speared to death by a forrest tribe, the film weaves together the story of a bereaved son and the tribal leader who took part in the brutal killings.

What happened to Steve Saint?

On June 13, 2012, Saint was seriously injured by a falling piece of equipment while testing it. He was partially paralyzed from the neck down and was scheduled for surgery on June 20, 2012 to relieve pressure on his spine.

Who played Steve saint?

Beyond the Gates of Splendor2002
Torchlighters: The Jim Elliot Story2005The Grandfathers
Steve Saint/Appears in

How long is End of the Spear movie?

1h 48m
End of the Spear/Running time

What does tip of the spear mean?

What’s the Tip of the Spear? Traditionally, the term is used by military strategists, tacticians, and historians to describe the sudden and overwhelming use of combat force to pierce an enemy’s first line of defense. It’s the first and most meaningful action in an offensive.

What is the end of a spear called?

Mounted spear-fighting was practiced using with a ten-foot, ball-tipped wooden lance called a bothati, the end of which was covered in dye so that hits may be confirmed. Spears were constructed from a variety of materials such as the sang made completely of steel, and the ballam which had a bamboo shaft.

Who is Nate’s son?

Steve Saint
Philip Saint
Nate Saint/Sons

How many children did Jim and Elisabeth Elliot have?

Elisabeth Elliot
Nationality American
Genre Biography Christian living
Spouse Jim Elliot ​ ​ ( m. 1953; died 1956)​ Addison Leitch ​ ​ ( m. 1969; died 1973)​ Lars Gren ​ ( m. 1977)​
Children Valerie Elliot

What year did end of the spear come out?

December 2, 2005
End of the Spear/Initial release

What is the twist at the end of The Others?

The final twist in The Others is so stunning because it takes that basic scenario and turns it on its head. Instead of being haunted, Grace and the kids are revealed to be unwittingly doing the haunting.

Who are the characters in end of the spear?

Chad Allen as Nate Saint and Steve Saint; Louie Leonardo as Mincayani; Jack Guzman as Kimo; Christina Souza as Dayumae; Chase Ellison as Young Steve Saint; Cara Stoner as Marj Saint; Sara Kathryn Bakker as Rachel Saint; Ocniel Barrigon as Nenkiwi

Who is the author of the end of Alice?

The End of Alice is a 1996 novel by American writer A. M. Homes. It was published in the United States by Scribner and in the United Kingdom by Anchor Books . The story is narrated mostly by a middle-aged pedophile and child killer who is serving a life sentence.

Is the end of the spear based on a true story?

End of the Spear. Based on actual events from 1956 in which five male missionaries were speared by a group of the Waodani tribe, the movie tells the story from the perspective of Steve Saint (the son of Nate Saint, one of the missionaries killed in the encounter), and Mincayani, one of the tribesmen who took part in the attack.

When did the end of the spear soundtrack come out?

End of the Spear: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was released on January 24, 2006 by Word Records. The soundtrack features most of the instrumental score by Ron Owen, plus featured music from the film by known CCM artists like Steven Curtis Chapman and BarlowGirl, among others.

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