Does Afton marry cliff on Dallas?

Does Afton marry cliff on Dallas?

Afton Cooper is the sister of Mitch Cooper and was a girlfriend of Cliff Barnes. Before bonding with Cliff Barnes, she was the mistress of J.R. Ewing, Cliff’s nemesis. She never married Cliff and they broke up in 1984.

Who does Cliff Barnes marry?

Cliff married Jamie Ewing (Jenilee Harrison), daughter of the late Jason Ewing and therefore a cousin of J.R. and Bobby, in 1985, but the union was unhappy as Cliff having married Jamie purely for the inheritance he always believed to be his birthright.

Who killed Julie GREY?

Julie was tragically killed by a fall from her apartment building, after being cornered by Willie Joe Garr and Jeb Ames, who knew she was going to give the Ewing Red File to Cliff Barnes.

Can Audrey Landers really sing?

Actress and pop singer Audrey Landers will perform her own show with The Pops Orchestra. Most people know Audrey Landers as the actress who played Afton Cooper on the hit television series “Dallas” throughout the 1980s, but few know she’s also a seasoned singer and songwriter.

How old was Audrey Landers when she joined Dallas?

Landers moved to Los Angeles and on her 24th birthday, landed the role of Afton Cooper on Dallas, which she held for 84 episodes, from 1981–84, and further episodes in 1989. She also appeared in the television movie Dallas: J.R. Returns (1996). In the series, her character was a nightclub singer.

Who is Audrey Landers in a chorus line?

Judy Landers (sister) Website. Audrey Landers (born Audrey Hamburg, July 18, 1956) is an American actress and singer, best known for her role as Afton Cooper on the television series Dallas and her role as Val Clarke in the film version of A Chorus Line (1985).

Who is Audrey Landers on the Love Boat?

Personal life. Audrey is sister of actress Judy Landers, and has acted with her in several roles, including multiple episodes of The Love Boat as well as Circus Island and Ghost Writer, films produced by Ruth Landers.

When did Audrey Landers record her first album?

Landers had already recorded two singles in the 1970s, but during her stint on Dallas, she recorded her first album, Little River (1983). She has since released over a dozen albums, mainly for European record companies.

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