How do you get the glitter beard beard in Sea of Thieves?

How do you get the glitter beard beard in Sea of Thieves?

Glitterbeard’s Journals Pirates should explore the world that Jim helped to create, and read the journals along the way. Players will have to read these journals in game, which include a unique perspective on life in the Sea of Thieves.

What do you get for finding all the glitter beard journals?

The journals are also filled with pearls of wisdom. In fact, they are an excellent primer to the Sea of Thieves. However, amidst the adventure stories and pearls of wisdom, we found something far more valuable: an opportunity to view the seas through Glitterbeard’s eyes.

What happened to glitter beard Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves has a new quest paying tribute to a developer who worked on the game but sadly passed away in March of 2020. The new storyline is called The Legend of Glitterbeard Quest, and it honors a developer named James White, who worked as an apprentice data analyst on Sea of Thieves until his untimely passing.

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What do you get for completing Glitterbeard?

Once you find and read the last Glitterbeard journal, you will unlock the very special Glitter Beard and the Glitterbeard Cannon Flare.

How do I clean my glitter beard?

Use a gentle baby or makeup wipe to remove the majority of the excess glitter. Then, use a little shampoo to completely wash the beard and get rid of any last little bits of glitter. If your beard still has a lot of glitter in it, then try using a little bit of conditioner to loosen the glitter.

Where is the final Glitterbeard Journal?

The final journal is located on Plunder Valley, the same island as the Our New Home journal. To access this journal, you will need eight players with you to unlock its entrance. You need to locate a tree with various bottles hanging from it. It is on the northwest part of the island, close to the top.

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