What is call flow?

What is call flow?

A call flow is a road map to how calls will be handled from the moment they enter the phone system to the end of the call. Call flows can be used to handle even the most complex call scenarios and enable great customer care.

What is the difference between SGW and PGW?

The SGW keeps context information such as parameters of the IP bearer and routing information, and stores the UE contexts when paging happens. It is also responsible for replicating user traffic for lawful interception. PGW (PDN Gateway):The PDN Gateway is the connecting node between UEs and external networks.

How do GSM calls work?

In the GSM network, more than one cell phone user can use the same frequency channel. This can occur because the signal is divided into time slots. A cell phone user in this system uses only a small portion of the base station channel capacity. Each TDMA frame contains eight time slots.

What is PGW and SGW in LTE?

MME stands for Mobility Management Entity, PGW stands for PDN gateway and SGW stands for Serving Gateway. The figure depicts LTE EPS architecture. In the figure, UE refers to User Equipment. It is the mobile phone device used to access the LTE network.

What does SGW do in LTE?

SGW (Serving Gateway):The main function of the Serving Gateway is routing and forwarding of user data packets. It is also responsible for inter-eNB handovers in the U-plane and provides mobility between LTE and other types of networks, such as between 2G/3G and P-GW.

How does PGW establish VoLTE bearer in UE?

➨MME transmits request to PGW in order to establish VoLTE bearer. ➨PGW assigns IP address for UE and determinew P-CSCF to be used for the call. ➨PGW sets P-CSCF address in protocol configuration option and communicates the same to SGW in bearer response. SGW passes the same address to MME entity.

How does Mme determine PGW from VoLTE APN?

➨MME executes location registration with HSS. It also fetches user profile of VoLTE subscriber in addition to VoLTE APN (i.e. Access Point Name) from HSS. Based on APN, MME determines PGW.

What does call flow mean in LTE network?

LTE Call Flow explained The call flow in the LTE network is unique among mobile communication standards and represents the signaling and sessions established across the network.

How is the call flow from PGW to PCRF?

Here are the call flow from PGW to PCRF on Gx interface. During Initial Attach procedure, PGW check for the APN/Charging Characterstics received in Create session request for whether dynamic Policy (configured in PCRF) or Static policy (configured on PGW) should be applied.

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