Who was Ronald Gene Simmons and what did he do?

Who was Ronald Gene Simmons and what did he do?

Ronald Gene Simmons. A retired military serviceman, Simmons murdered fourteen members of his family, including a daughter he had sexually abused and the child he had fathered with her, a former co-worker, and a stranger, and wounded four others.

Who are the children that Gene Simmons killed?

He first killed his daughter, 17-year-old Loretta, whom Simmons strangled and held under the water in a rain barrel. The three other children, Eddy, Marianne, and Becky, were then killed in the same way. Around mid-day on December 26, the remaining members of the family arrived for their Christmas visit.

Who was gene simmons’girlfriend on Opie and Anthony?

Some time ago, in the Opie and Anthony Show , one of the hosts commented how undercover sexual predator Gene Simmons once harassed his then-girlfriend, Jill Nicoletti.

When was Gene Simmons interviewed by Terry Gross?

Back in 2002, Gene Simmons was interviewed by NPR’s Terry Gross. Although Simmons tried to prevent the interview from being published after he realized how much of a piece of shit he had shown to be, everything was eventually released.


Who are the women Gene Simmons has been with?

Gene Simmons has always been open with the number of women he has been with over the years, but before meeting Shannon Tweed in 1982, Gene Simmons had been linked to Liza Minnelli, Cher and Diana Ross. 4. That (Clean) Rockstar Lifestyle

How tall can Gene Simmons breathe in fire?

Gene Simmons can breathe fire 15 feet – he’s been branded as one of the top 5 fire breathers in the world. Pretty amazing since the idea of breathing fire came from KISS’ original manager in 1974. No one in the band wanted to do it so Gene was voluntold it would be his bit.

Who was the Playboy model Gene Simmons dated?

Star Stowe was a playboy model who gained notoriety in the mid-1970s, before meeting Simmons and embarking on a relationship with him. The two dated for several years, with Stowe also forming a friendship with the rest of the band, appearing on some of the picture disks that KISS released.

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