What is a Saab 93x?

What is a Saab 93x?

The Saab 9-3X is designed to offer buyers occasional off-road ability without the socially unacceptable sight of a large, high-riding SUV parked in their drive. Saab offers the 9-3X with a petrol engine and four-wheel-drive, or a diesel engine with front-wheel-drive.

Is the Saab 9 3X AWD?

Saab 9-3 X rivals The 9-3X basically takes a 9-3 Sportwagon and raises the suspension and adds four-wheel drive on the petrol version. The car feels very much like a 9-3 Sportwagon on the road with the extra traction security of all-wheel drive on petrol models.

What kind of car is the Saab 9-3 Aero?

The 9-3 model is chasing small executive saloon models, while the range-topping Aero version uses a turbocharged engine to deliver thrills as well as refined long-distance travel. Image is a key factor in the premium market, and the 9-3 displays traditional Saab strengths to its advantage.

When did the Saab 9-3 anniversary convertible come out?

Saab 9-3 Anniversary convertible (Australia) The first generation 9-3, an updated Saab 900 (NG) was launched in 1998 for the 1999 model year. It was known to enthusiasts as the OG 9-3 (old generation) and internally as body style 9400. It continued as a full line through the 2002 model year.

What’s the top speed of a Saab 9-3?

The Saab 9-3 ePower electric car was unveiled at the 2010 Paris Motor Show and became Saab’s first electric vehicle. The ePower concept car is based on the 9-3 SportWagon, has a 35.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, a top speed of 150 km/h (93 mph), and an estimated driving range of 200 km (120 mi). [31]

Which is better Subaru WRX or Saab 9-2X Aero?

The Saab came with the STI’s steering rack, as well as retuned suspension. Meaning, it actually handles and rides better than the WRX. The 9-2X also came with more sound deadening, a better-sealed liftgate, quieter engine mounts, and a more upscale interior.

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