Are cantaloupes in season?

Are cantaloupes in season?

From June through August, cantaloupes are at their peak of flavor. Along with tasting great, they’re an excellent source of vitamin A, beta-carotene and vitamin C. Whether you enjoy them sliced, cubed or halved, cantaloupes are a refreshing, healthy addition to salads, desserts, beverages and more.

Where do cantaloupes come from in winter?

Most likely they come from Guatemala with a portion coming from Costa Rica, Honduras or Mexico during this time. Here in California, farmers will begin harvesting cantaloupes in the southern desert area as early as April and into July.

Where do cantaloupes grow in the world?

In 2016, global production of melons, including cantaloupes, totaled 31.2 million tons, with China accounting for 51% of the world total (15.9 million tons). Other significant countries growing cantaloupe were Turkey, Iran, Egypt, and India producing 1 to 1.9 million tons, respectively.

What is the sweetest cantaloupe?

7 Sweetest Cantaloupe Varieties to Grow (& How to Get Seeds)

Cantaloupe Variety Brix (sugar %) Days to Maturity
Sugar Cube 11-14% 80 days
Honey Rock 13.1% 80 to 85 days
El Gordo 10-16% 75 to 85 days
Hannah’s Choice 12-14% 75 to 85 days

What climate do cantaloupes grow in?

Cantaloupe and honeydew melons thrive in warm soil. Don’t plant until the ground temperature is above 70 degrees F, which typically occurs about the time peonies bloom in northern zones.

Is there a lot of sugar in cantaloupe?

Cantaloupes owe their orange color to a high vitamin A content. A cup of this delicious melon contains less than 13 grams of sugar. This may be a bit higher than other fruits, but keep in mind that a 12 ounce can of soda has nearly 40 grams of sugar, and very little nutritional value.

Can I plant cantaloupe in May?

Cantaloupe prefers warm weather, so don’t plant it before temperatures have warmed in the spring. Cantaloupe does best when direct sown. In the low desert of Arizona, the best time to plant cantaloupe is from late February through July.

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