How do you beat Seymour in Final Fantasy 10?

How do you beat Seymour in Final Fantasy 10?

Use Lulu’s Bio attack on Seymour, which will deal damage to him on each turn of battle. Have Yuna cast one of her Overdrive summon attacks each turn. As long as your team is healthy, have Auron use normal physical attacks on Seymour; when one of your character’s HP gets low, use Seymour for healing.

How many times do you fight Seymour in Final Fantasy 10?

His name in romaji is Shīmoa. As shī can be translated to “death”, this is likely the reason Seymour’s name was chosen. This is further reflected in being fought four times, with four—or shī—being symbolic of death in Japan.

How do you fight Seymour?

Defeating Seymour and Anima Try to dispel Shell from Seymour to make magic attacks effective against him. You can also summon Ixion and use Areospark to negate his Shell status. Casting Yuna’s Nul spells allows you to prevent the damage from Seymour’s arsenal of spells.

How do I beat Seymour final battle?

Seymour Omnis has high Defense and Magic Defense, so using Armor Break and Mental Break will make the battle easier. Holy and doublecasting elemental spells that target Seymour’s weakness are also effective, although the latter will only work if the player doesn’t attack the Mortiphasms.

How do you survive Seymour Ultima?

Strategy. It is advisable to get equipment that absorbs a certain element to be able to focus on attacking Seymour. If not applicable, use Yuna’s Nul spell for the corresponding element Seymour has. Use Auron’s armor break to reduce Seymour’s defense and keep attacking him.

Where is Auron from?

When he was a young man, Auron was a high-ranking warrior monk from Bevelle who was highly respected by the clergy. However, this changed when he refused to marry the daughter of a high priest. Auron lost his good reputation with the Yevon elite, so he became the Guardian of the summoner Braska.

Why is Seymour evil?

Though he is undoubtedly evil-natured, much of his malice stems from a sympathetic place: the trauma he suffered in his childhood. The Guado considered his birth a heresy and he had to witness his mother turn into a fayth.

How do you get Shiva before fighting Seymour?

Shiva is obtained by reaching the Macalania Temple. She is unique in that Yuna can summon her before the player has named her, during the first fight against Seymour, in which she is called “????”.

What order does Seymour cast?

Seymour casts spells at the active party in the following order: Blizzara, Thundara, Watera, and Fira. He uses Blizzaga, Thundaga, Waterga, and Firaga on an aeon, even if the aeon absorbs the element of Seymour’s spell.

How do you get Anima FFX?

In order to get Anima, you first need to collect all six treasures hidden within the Cloister of Trials at each temple. To do this, you need to use the Destruction Spheres found in each Cloister of Trials to find the hidden treasure chest. Obtaining Anima will earn you the “Feel the Pain” achievement/trophy.

Does Zanmato work on Seymour?

well sometimes if he REALLY likes you, he will automatically attack for free at the start of a turn, seymour will then proceed to YEET him out of the fight. since this random automatic free move is never a zanmato against bosses, it’s technically useless and a waste of yojimbo.

Where do you find Seymour in Final Fantasy X?

Well, if you’re offering your lives, I will have to take them. Seymour is a boss in Final Fantasy X, fought at Macalania Temple shortly after Yuna receives her fourth aeon. The battle is fought in three segments, with the second one against his summoned aeon Anima .

Why did Seymour kill Kinoc in Final Fantasy?

Seymour has murdered Kinoc and explains his views on life and death along with his goal to use Yuna to become the next Sin so he can save Spira by killing everyone. Seymour absorbs surrounding pyreflies, including those around Kinoc’s corpse, and becomes Seymour Natus whom the party battles.

How much HP does Seymour have in Final Fantasy X?

Seymour HP: 6000 AP: 2000 Weaknesses: None Steal: Silence Grenade This is the point where I almost lost the battle. Seymour will begin using his Multi- Spell technique, meaning he can cast a spell on all your party members at once.

Who is Seymour natus in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade?

Seymour Natus appears as a enemy in Battle Music Sequences . Seymour Natus appears as a boss-type enemy in Battle Music Sequences. This section about an enemy in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade is empty or needs to be expanded. You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by expanding it.

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