How do I transfer Dragon dictation to PC?

How do I transfer Dragon dictation to PC?

Open Dragon Naturally Speaking and on the DragonBar, click ‘Profile’ > ‘Manage User Profile’. Select your user profile or the user profile that you want to transfer to your new computer. Click on ‘Advanced’ and select ‘Export’.

Is Dragon dictation any good?

Final verdict Dragon Professional is a powerful speech-to-text tool that will prove ideal for anyone that might want or need to compose documents and emails by voice. Its high accuracy rate, deep vocabulary and range of commands make Dragon a great choice for any businesses that might benefit from live dictation.

Can I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking on multiple computers?

Dragon® NaturallySpeaking v13 Professional and Legal editions can be installed initially on up to 4 computers before you will receive a license error.

Can I use Dragon anywhere on my Macbook?

A: Dragon Anywhere requires iOS 8.1or higher (iPad 3+, iPhone 5+, iPad Mini 1+) or Android 4.4+ phones and tablets.

Does Dragon work with Windows 10?

Nuance have confirmed that Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 is supported on Windows 10. Customers who have a qualified Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 device that already has Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 installed should be able to upgrade to Windows 10 without needing to re-install DNS 13.

Which is the best dictation software for laptops?

Dragon Professional Individual dictation software is widely recognized as the best in the business. Dragon products are reliable, easy to use, and among the most accurate available. Having used Dragon dictation software on our laptop, we can attest to its best-in-class performance.

What’s the difference between otter and Dragon Dictation?

When Otter software identifies a change in the speaker, it will signal this in the transcribed text. Otter also allows you to record from directly within the app, or import audio and video files stored on your device. And unlike Dragon, an Otter subscription includes a mobile version of the software.

Are there any features similar to Dragon professional?

It has the same features as Dragon Professional, including custom voice commands, names and terminology as well as Dragon Anywhere functionality. These features are very useful in the legal realm, which relies heavily on boilerplate contracting language and precedent documentation.

What makes Dragon software so good for typing?

It is designed to listen to your speech, understand it, and convert it to text. Understands accents – Because individual speech patterns and accents can vary significantly, Dragon software utilizes machine learning to recognize and understand your speech patterns better over time.

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