Who is the biggest Larry Stylinson shipper?

Who is the biggest Larry Stylinson shipper?

Niall is the biggest Larry shipper:) Larry shippers, Larry, Larry stylinson.

What is the two week rule Larry?

what’s the two week rule? twopoppies answered: Basically, it started as a cute joke after Victoria and David Beckham said in an interview that even though they both work so much and travel all over, they make it a rule to never spend more than 2 weeks apart from each other. The fandom was like, “oh that’s so Larry!”

Which is the most popular ship in One Direction?

At the height of One Direction’s popularity, fans began to passionately “ship” Louis Tomlinson with Harry Styles. So popular was this ship, in fact, that it got its own name: Larry (a portmanteau of Louis and Harry — how cute).

What is Larry anniversary?

Larry shippers, today is a very special day! 2 years ago on September 28, fans speculated that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson got married after hints appeared in a series of suspicious tweets! Fans are obviously celebrating the supposed anniversary — see their tweets!

Is Louis from One Direction married?

Louis Tomlinson
Occupation Singer songwriter
Years active 2010–present
Partner(s) Eleanor Calder (2011–2015, 2017–present)
Children 1

Who is Larry stylinson in one direction?

Larry Stylinson is the couple name given to One Direction’s Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. It’s also the theory that the bandmates are apparently together, in all sense of the word. There are Tumblr accounts dedicated to their relationship, very detailed erotic fan fiction has been written and you can even get your hands on Larry merchandise.

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