Why not call virtual method in constructor?

Why not call virtual method in constructor?

When a constructor calls a virtual method, it’s possible that the constructor for the instance that invokes the method has not executed. This could lead to errors or unexpected behavior, if an overridden virtual method relies on initialization and other configuration in the constructor.

How do I fix an overridable constructor call?

Make your default constructor private to prevents instantiation of your class outside. Remove all calls to override methods that are present in your constructor.

What is sealed method in C#?

Prevent overriding a method of a class. This is a method that is declared with the keyword sealed and is always used with combination of override keyword. Derived classes will not be able to override this method as it is sealed for overriding.

What is a virtual method C#?

A virtual method is one that is declared as virtual in the base class. A method is declared as virtual by specifying the keyword “virtual” in the method signature. A virtual method may or may not have a return type. Virtual methods allow subclasses of the type to override the method.

Do constructors do not call overridable methods in Java?

Constructors must not invoke overridable methods, directly or indirectly. If you violate this rule, program failure will result. The superclass constructor runs before the subclass constructor, so the overriding method in the subclass will be invoked before the subclass constructor has run.

What is overridable method?

Method Overriding is a technique that allows the invoking of functions from another class (base class) in the derived class. Creating a method in the derived class with the same signature as a method in the base class is called as method overriding. The overridden base method must be virtual, abstract, or override.

How do you call a sealed class?

A class can be sealed by using the sealed keyword. The keyword tells the compiler that the class is sealed, and therefore, cannot be extended. No class can be derived from a sealed class.

What is the difference between private and sealed method in C#?

In this article we will learn about one of the most reusable object oriented features of C#, Sealed classes….Private Vs sealed class.

Private Sealed
Private Class members are only accessible within a declared class. Sealed class members are accessible outside the class through object.

Can we call virtual method in C#?

The C# programming language provides support for both virtual and abstract methods, each of which has distinct advantages. You use virtual methods to implement late binding, whereas abstract methods enable you to force the subclasses of the type to have the method explicitly overridden.

What is difference between virtual method and abstract method in C#?

Virtual methods have an implementation and provide the derived classes with the option of overriding it. Abstract methods do not provide an implementation and force the derived classes to override the method. So, abstract methods have no actual code in them, and subclasses HAVE TO override the method.

How can a method be overridable in Java and C++?

Rules for Java Method Overriding

  1. The method must have the same name as in the parent class.
  2. The method must have the same parameter as in the parent class.
  3. There must be an IS-A relationship (inheritance).

How do you make a method overridable in C#?

In C# we can use 3 types of keywords for Method Overriding:

  1. virtual keyword: This modifier or keyword use within base class method. It is used to modify a method in base class for overridden that particular method in the derived class.
  2. override: This modifier or keyword use with derived class method.

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