How much is a retreat at Esalen?

How much is a retreat at Esalen?

Weekend workshops start at $405 per person, which includes the course, food and sleeping in a communal area in a sleeping bag. A private room for a couple is $730 per person. Seven-day workshops start at $900 and cost $1,700 per person for a couple in a private room.

Does Esalen have WIFI?

Is there internet access? Esalen is located approximately 45 miles from “civilization,” and there is currently no cell coverage. Wireless internet is available in the lodge anytime other than mealtimes, when it automatically disables so we can enjoy the food and community mindfully.

Are the hot springs in Big Sur open?

Big Sur has two hot springs which are open to the public; Sykes Hot Springs and the hot springs located at the Esalen Institute. A third hot springs is located at the Tassajara Zen Center which is accessible by way of Big Sur and an 18 mile hike over the rugged Ventana Wilderness.

Who owns Esalen?

Esalen Institute

Esalen buildings and hot springs
Founder(s) Michael Murphy Dick Price
Owner Esalen Institute
Address 55000 Highway One, Big Sur, CA 93920
Location Slates Hot Springs , Big Sur , California , United States

Who started Esalen?

Michael Murphy
Dick Price
Esalen Institute/Founders

What is the Esalen Institute in Big Sur?

Esalen is more than a retreat center or an educational institute. Anchored by the inspiring beauty of Big Sur and an unparalleled intellectual history, Esalen is a world-wide network of seekers who look beyond dogma to explore deeper spiritual possibilities; forge new understandings of self and society; and pioneer new paths for change.

Is there a Highway 1 through Big Sur?

Big Sur has been here for millions of years. We don’t have that luxury. Make your reservation today! Highway 1 through Big Sur is a designated American National Scenic Byway & California Scenic Highway, an honor reserved for highways that are so distinctive they are destinations unto themselves.

What are the natural wonders of Big Sur?

Wildflowers always seem to be blooming, California Condors are flying overhead throughout Big Sur. California Sea Otters are rafting in the kelp beds. These are just a few of the natural wonders that make Big Sur a great place to visit.

Are there tour guides for Big Sur CA?

While a visit to Big Sur can be for some overwhelming at the outset there are tour guides available to help focus your visit to your specific goals.

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