What does the Mediodorsal thalamic nucleus do?

What does the Mediodorsal thalamic nucleus do?

The mediodorsal nucleus of the thalamus (MD) has been implicated in executive functions (such as planning, cognitive control, working memory, and decision-making) because of its significant interconnectivity with the prefrontal cortex (PFC).

Is the thalamus involved in working memory?

“But all three groups found that the thalamus, a subcortical system, plays an important role in working memory — it’s not just a receiver of the signal, it’s an essential partner with the cortex.” The new papers are also notable in that they study working memory in rodents rather than primates.

What is the function of the thalamus in psychology?

The thalamus (from the Greek word meaning “chamber”) is centrally located between the cerebral cortex and the midbrain and is known for its role in relaying sensory and motor signals to the cerebral cortex, and the regulation of sleep, consciousness, and alertness—rather like a hub of information flow from the senses …

What behavior does the thalamus control?

While the thalamus is classically known for its roles as a sensory relay in visual, auditory, somatosensory, and gustatory systems, it also has significant roles in motor activity, emotion, memory, arousal, and other sensorimotor association functions.

Why is the thalamus important to psychology?

It is believed the thalamus processes sensory information in addition to relaying it to the primary sensory areas and receiving feedback from the cerebral cortex. It plays major roles in the support of motor and language systems and (in connection with the hippocampus) spatial memory critical for episodic memory.

Does prefrontal cortex control working memory?

A prominent account of prefrontal cortex (PFC) function is that single neurons within the PFC maintain representations of task-relevant stimuli in working memory. This persistent activity has been interpreted as evidence for the encoding of the stimulus itself in working memory.

What part of the brain is most commonly associated with working memory?

The central executive part of the prefrontal cortex at the front of the brain appears to play a fundamental role in short-term and working memory.

What does the thalamus do?

The thalamus is a mostly gray matter structure of the diencephalon that has many essential roles in human physiology. The thalamus is composed of different nuclei that each serve a unique role, ranging from relaying sensory and motor signals, as well as regulation of consciousness and alertness.

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