What is the key message of the moral imagination?

What is the key message of the moral imagination?

Moral imagination requires the capacity to imagine ourselves in a web of relationships, one that includes even our enemies. It requires the ability to embrace complexity without getting caught up in social schism. It requires a commitment to the creative act.

What is moral imagination?

moral imagination, in ethics, the presumed mental capacity to create or use ideas, images, and metaphors not derived from moral principles or immediate observation to discern moral truths or to develop moral responses.

What is an example of moral imagination?

For example, consider Nestle Foods. The company refused to target young children with advertising for its high sugar, high fat products. Instead, to keep the company competitive in that market, it innovated and created new, healthier products to advertise to young children.

What working definition of constructive social change does lederach use?

for creating constructive change processes. that reduce violence, increase justice. in direct interaction and social structures, and respond to real-life problems.

Why is moral imagination significant?

Moral imagination is creative. It helps us to find better ways of being. It’s a form of empathy that encourages us to be kinder and more loving to ourselves and each other.

Why is moral imagination useful in ethical decision making?

So part of the job of moral imagination, its most critical function, is to disengage us from the perspective with which we are dealing with a situation so that we will be able to consider new possibilities.

What is moral imagination quizlet?

Moral Imagination. -the ability to think outside the box and envision ways to be both ethical and successful. False Dichotomy of Ethics and Success.

In what way you can apply moral imagination?

Moral imagination involves not only the ability to generate useful ideas, but also the abilities to form ideas about what is good and right, and to put the best ideas into action for the service of others. This involves sensitivity to the people and lifescapes at hand.

What are the four dimensions of change identified by John Paul Lederach?

In the bottom –on the development of change processes, he focuses on four different kinds of change: personal change of individuals, relational change, changes in the way people relate to each other and groups relate to each other, structural change, changes in government structure and education structure and health …

Who sets the moral tone of an organization?

top management
3. A formal ethics program which includes a code of ethics, ethics training and an ethics officer. This premise cannot be overstated: The moral tone of an organization is set by top management.

What is the minimum standard of ethical behavior?

The minimum standard of ethical behavior can be thought of as: adhering to the law. The most serious danger of using the conventional approach to business ethics is: lapsing into ethical relativism.

What does Lederach mean by the moral imagination?

Oxford, MA: Oxford University Press, 2005. Lederach describes the “moral imagination” as the capacity to recognize turning points and possibilities in order to venture down unknown paths and create what does not yet exist.

What does imagination mean in relation to empathy?

Imagination gives people the capacity of imagining them in others shoes, having the ability to identify with another person, this is what is known as empathy. According to the OED empathy is “The ability to understand and share the feelings of another”.

What is the importance of empathy in literature?

With greater empathy, people turn more compassionate and aware of how others think, feel and behave. The importance of empathy can be described as one of the nutrients that feed our human needs. Literature, fiction books, novels are all nourishing because they expand our imagination and develop our empathy.

Why is sensitivity considered an ideal of empathy?

Sensitivity is exalted as an ideal in empathy since it indicates a high level of imagination. Through literature people can live more than one life. Their imagination takes them to times, places and realities that they have not personally lived.

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