How do I start a new service with PG&E?

How do I start a new service with PG&E?

Go to Start Service.

  1. Select “New to PG&E.”
  2. Enter your name and identification.
  3. Enter your new service address. Then, pick a start date that falls within 60 days.
  4. Select your electric rate plan.
  5. Provide your contact information.
  6. Review your information and submit your request.

Does PG&E come to your door?

PG&E does not go door-to-door asking for personal information. The bottom line is, if you feel pressured to switch to a different energy supplier or you think it’s a scam, call the company they claim to represent first to verify or call customer service at PG&E.

Is there an alternative to PG&E?

In June, the Valley Clean Energy Alliance was launched to provide an alternative to PG&E. Ratepayers using the Energy Alliance are paying about 2.5 percent less than PG&E ratepayers, the group says. People who opt to stay with PG&E and other big power providers could see small declines in their monthly bills.

How much will PG&E rates go up in 2021?

PG&E is looking to raise prices around 5% starting in 2021, and the average customer would see rates go up about $36 per month. The utility giant says this increase would help meet its growing power needs.

What is an average PG&E bill?

The monthly bill for the average customer who receives both electricity and gas service from PG&E is jumping to $196.95 a month effective March 1, an increase of $8.73 a month from the average monthly rate that went into effect on Jan. 1, PG&E stated in a post on its web site. That works out to an increase of 4.6%.

Why does PG&E keep calling me?

Learn about caller identification (ID) scams PG&E customers report telephone scams with calls that show PG&E on the caller ID 1-800-743-5000. Or, the caller may falsely claim to represent PG&E. Telling customers their bill is past due and that power will be shut off within the hour unless payment is made immediately.

Are there any other electric companies?

Compare NSW Electricity & Gas Providers AGL. ActewAGL. Alinta Energy. GloBird Energy.

Who supplies gas to PGE?

We purchase gas supplies from producers and marketers in Canada, the Rockies and the U.S. Southwest. We make purchases on a daily, monthly and longer-term basis. You must complete the PG&E credit requirements if you’re interested in becoming a supplier. A Contract Administrator can then initiate a contract.

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