How many banks are there in Liberia?

How many banks are there in Liberia?

nine commercial banks
Liberia’s financial system is comprised of nine commercial banks with 87 branches spread across 10 of the 15 counties; 11 rural community finance institutions (similar to community banks owned by residents of the community) operating in nine of the fifteen counties, including those counties that do not have banking …

How much do I need to open a bank account in Liberia?

Numbered Bank Account in Liberia

Due Diligence € 7,500 $ 8,475
Account Opening € 12,000 $ 13,560
Annual Maintenance € 4,000 $ 4,520
Anonymous Debit Card € 800 $ 904
Total Invoice € 24,300 $ 27,459

Who is the head of the Central Bank of Liberia?

J. Aloysius Tarlue
The Central Bank of Liberia is Liberia’s central bank. Its current executive governor is J. Aloysius Tarlue. The offices of the bank are located in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia.

When did Ecobank come to Liberia?

The bank was incorporated as a private limited liability company and obtained a license to operate as a commercial bank on August 16, 1999. As at June 10, 2021, there are nine (9) licensed commercial banks in Liberia with Ecobank Liberia maintaining the leading role.

Which banks are in Liberia?

List of banks in Liberia

  • Afriland First Bank Liberia.
  • AccessBank Liberia.
  • Ecobank Liberia.
  • G N Bank (Liberia)
  • Guaranty Trust Bank Liberia.
  • Global Bank Liberia.
  • International Bank (Liberia)
  • Liberian Bank for Development and Investment.

What is the name of bank in Liberia?

The Central Bank of Liberia
The Central Bank of Liberia succeeded the National Bank of Liberia as the central bank. The principal objective of the Central Bank of Liberia is to achieve and maintain price stability in the Liberian economy.

How can I open a bank account in Liberia?

What do you need to open account?

  1. You have to be at least 18 years.
  2. Valid ID Card.
  3. You can be a salaried worker or self-employed.
  4. Be a resident or non-resident Liberian, or resident non-Liberian with a valid residence permit.
  5. Minimum account opening deposit of LRD 800 (USD 10, for USD Account)

What are the requirements to open a UBA account?

What you will need

  • Account opening form.
  • A valid ID (International passport/Driver’s license/National ID/Voter’s card)
  • A passport photograph.
  • Utility bill.

Which money is in Liberia?

Liberian dollar
The Liberian Dollar has been the official currency of the Republic of Liberia since 1943. The Liberian currency includes coins and banknotes, which are issued by the Central Bank of Liberia. The symbol used is L$, to differentiate it from other Dollar currencies.

Which bank merged with Ecobank?

Oceanic Bank Plc
SHAREHOLDERS of Ecobank Nigeria Plc, yesterday, approved the bank’s board’s proposal to conclude merger agreements with Oceanic Bank Plc, after Ecobank’s parent firm Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI) acquired 100 per cent stake in the troubled financial institution in September.

What is the full name of Ecobank?

Ecobank Transnational Inc.
Ecobank, whose official name is Ecobank Transnational Inc. (ETI), is a pan-African banking conglomerate, with banking operations in 36 African countries. It is the leading independent regional banking group in West Africa and Central Africa, serving wholesale and retail customers.

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