What is the date of CS Exam 2021?

What is the date of CS Exam 2021?

CS Executive Exam Date 2021- The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) RELEASED t he CS Executive December 2021 exam dates….CS Executive important dates.

Events Date June Dates December
CS Executive exam date 2021 August 10-18, 2021 December 21-29, 2021

What is the date of CS exam?

ICSI CS June 2021 exam for Foundation programme was conducted on August 13 and 14. ICSI CS June 2021 exam for Executive programme was scheduled to be conducted on August 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17 and 18….ICSI CS Exam Dates- December Session.

Events Dates
Executive Programme Exam (Old Syllabus) 21-Dec-2021 to 28-Dec-2021

Are company secretaries unemployed?

It is is true that there are some practice of name lending but it was the responsibility of the ICSI to deal with those members. Due to this amendment, many CS will get unemployed; they have to work with PCS, PCA and in law firms at low salary standard for their livelihood.

Who is the CS of India?

Institute of Company Secretaries of India

Abbreviation ICSI
President CS Nagendra D. Rao
Vice President CS Devendra V. Deshpande
Secretary CS Asish Mohan
Parent organization Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India

Is CS tough?

It is not hard but yes it requires hard work. In CS mostly papers are theoretical which makes it the most difficult course for some students. There are simple rules to follow. How Can Pass Company Secretary?

Which class is best for CS Executive?

Best CS Executive Coaching in India

  • Vinod Gupta Classes. Vinod Gupta Classes provides coaching for CA Final and CA CPT at 59 centres across India.
  • J.K. Shah Classes.
  • Academy of Commerce.
  • Vidya Sagar Career Institute.

Can a CS get government job?

A Company Secretary can either work as an independent professional or go for employment in Private, Public or Government sector.

When is the CS executive exam in 2020?

The CS Executive Time Table has been scheduled and the Dates and Exam timings have been provided here for the attempt of June 2021. Due to COVID-19, Company Secretaries Executive Exams that are to be held in June 2020 have been postponed to December 2020.

When to make a CS executive study plan?

It is necessary that the candidates must make a CS Executive study plan before starting the preparation for the CS exams. CS Executive study plan for June 2021 assists the candidates to maintain their focus on the preparation.

How often does the CS exam take place?

The examination is conducted twice a year, in the month of June and in December. The candidate may choose to attempt both modules in one go or each module in one period, and has to register for the same within the stipulated deadline. It is very important that the candidate chose this wisely because accordingly, they have to plan their preparation.

What is the fee for the CS executive exam?

The ICSI has announced the fees for the CS Executive exam. The fee for the exam application form is Rs 1200 per module. So, candidates who registered for both modules should pay Rs. 2400 while filling the application form.


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