How long does it take to get a PIO card?

How long does it take to get a PIO card?

4 weeks and 6 weeks
What is the processing time for a PIO card? The regular processing time for a PIO application is 4 weeks and 6 weeks for the San Francisco center from the time it is received at the office. It may take 45 days for the processing if there is some adverse information found against the applicant.

How do I track my OCI application UK?

Answer. Please check your OCI status online with the help of your passport number and online registration number.

Where can I find OCI Government reference number?

OCI Application Process in USA

  1. Visit Government of India Online OCI Form website and choose appropriate form:
  2. You will get a NEW Web Reference Number from the Government website which will be used to register your application on CKGS website as well track the status of your submitted application.

Is OCI and PIO same?

Initially Indian citizens living out of the country had the option of either applying for a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) Card or an Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) card. Eventually these were merged and the Indian government advised everyone to apply for an OCI.

What is the difference between OCI and PIO?

A PIO card allows visa-free travel from and to India to the person holding a valid card. A PIO card is considered valid only if you hold a valid passport. On the contrary, an OCI card allows lifetime visa-free traveling to and from India. However, their children are eligible to hold an OCI card.

How long OCI process takes UK?

OCI card processing time in the UK From submission to VFS to getting your brand new OCI card in hand, the OCI process takes about 6-8 weeks.

Can I visit India with PIO card?

Yes, it is. All Person of Indian Origin Cardholders are deemed to be OCI Cardholders in India’s Citizenship Amendment Bill 2015. Hence, you need to convert your PIO card to OCI card before or by December 31, 2021. Until then, your PIO card is valid for travel to India.

How can I get PIO card in India?

An application for issue of PIO Card shall be made in the prescribed Form to an Indian Mission/ Post in the country where the applicant is ordinarily resident.

How to apply for a PIO card in person?

There are 2 ways in which you can apply for a PIO application: in person or by post. An appointment is required for the PIO card application and the applicants are required to be at the CKGS Application Centre at the time of appointment if they plan to apply in person.

How much does an OCI card cost compared to a PIO card?

Link 4 (c) COMPARISON BETWEEN PIO CARD AND OCI CARD Subject PIO card OCI card Fees US$ 388 US$ 275 US$ 25 for holder of PIO cards US$ 25 for miscellaneous services due to change of passport etc. Validity of Visa 15 yrs from the date of Issue.

Can a Pio hold an office in India?

However, PIOs do not enjoy employment rights in Government of India services nor can they hold any constitutional office in the Government of India. They need prior permission for undertaking mountaineering, missionary activities, research work and to visit restricted areas in India.

Where can I get Pio endorsement in Canada?

National Capital region of Ottawa-Hull, Kingston, Cornwell, Hawkesbury, Arnprior, Renfrew, Perth Prescott, Brockville, Carleton Place, Smith Falls, Morrisburg (all in Ontario), Montreal (in Quebec) and Nunavut territory Two sets of duly filled PIO Application form as per Jurisdiction in Canadaor PIO Endorsement on new passport form.

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