What does Chippendale style mean?

What does Chippendale style mean?

Chippendale furniture is an American design originating in the 16th century. It is mainly characterized by the style of the legs and feet and is frequently made of a dark colored wood.

What decor style is Chippendale?

An 18th-century cabinet maker, Thomas Chippendale lends his name to this furniture style due to his inclination for intricate wood carving that reflected the popular English tastes in furniture at the time. He incorporated a number of Gothic, Chinese, and Rococo motifs into his designs.

What did Chippendale design?

Today, Chippendale style furniture generally refers to English furniture made in a modified Rococo style. Chippendale’s Rococo-influenced designs were in part a reaction to the staid formality of earlier periods. However, he adapted the elaborate French style for the somewhat less extravagant English market.

How do you identify Chippendale?

You can also find the following characteristics in Chippendale furniture.

  1. Fine silk fabric upholstery on settees, stools, and chairs.
  2. Yoke-shaped splats on chairs.
  3. Top railings on arm and side chairs are intricately designed with ribbon motifs.
  4. Shell motifs reminiscent of the Queen Anne Style.

Why is it called Chippendale?

Los Angeles club owner Steve Banerjee started the Chippendales, naming them after the classic Chippendales-style furniture that adorned the club where the guys first performed. Later, Banerjee’s club “Destiny II” would change its name and inherit the Chippendales moniker.

Is Chippendale English?

The term Chippendale specifically refers to English furniture of the 1750s and ’60s made in a modified Rococo style. Many of the Rococo designs were French in origin, but Chippendale modified some of them for the less flamboyant English market; among these are his French chairs, based on Louis XV designs.

What time period is Chippendale furniture?

The term Chippendale specifically refers to English furniture of the 1750s and ’60s made in a modified Rococo style.

Why was Chippendale furniture so popular?

His Chippendale design was so popular that in the early 1900’s reproductions using maple wood, different construction and less expensive fabrics were created to make Chippendale furniture accessible to more classes of people. Original and reproduced Chippendale furniture can still be purchased today.

What style is ball and claw?

Chippendale style
Ball and Claw Foot Also known and claw-and-ball, this type of furniture foot looks similar to a bird’s claw clutching a ball. In Chippendale style furniture, they are often carved entirely of wood, but can also feature a metal claw and a glass ball. Ball and claw feet are still popular to this day.

Is there a Chippendales in New York?

Thirteen years ago, the Chippendales, the male burlesque group, set up a New York shop in a cavernous clubhouse on the West Side Highway. Today, the Chippendales have become a permanent fixture on the Strip.

How much is Chippendale furniture worth?

The characteristic legs, feet, and dark wood appeal to many antique collectors and each piece has its own unique appeal. Determining the value of Chippendale-style furniture can be difficult. There are pieces that sell for thousands or even millions of dollars, while others go for under $1,000.

How did the Chippendale style get its name?

The Chippendale style dominated American furniture until the 1770s. Known by its exquisite and extensive carving, it takes its name from Thomas Chippendale, an 18th century cabinetmaker, whose furnishings reflected popular English tastes of the period incorporating English, Gothic, and Chinese motifs.

What kind of legs did the Chippendales use?

He extensively employed the Queen Anne-style cabriole leg. While there are six different basic Chippendale style legs–the lion’s paw, the ball and claw, the late Chippendale, the Marlborough, the club and the spade–he based three of them on the cabriole shape which is an elegant, serpentine style ending in a distinctive foot.

What kind of wood was used for Chippendale furniture?

Chippendale style furniture was generally made of mahogany, imported from the West Indies. Though cabinetmakers occasionally used veneers, they’re not typical of this style. Instead they preferred using solid wood to accommodate the elaborate carving found in this style.

What kind of furnishing is called Chinese Chippendale?

Chinese Chippendale. Another style of furnishing that s often associated with the name of Chippendale is the so-called “Chinese Chippendale” or Chinoiserie, which remained immensely popular, especially for bedrooms, despite the rise of Neoclassicism.

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