What happened Marco Pantani?

What happened Marco Pantani?

Tragic Italian Tour de France winner Marco Pantani – who died of a drugs overdose in 2004 – ‘was actually KILLED in his hotel room’, claims the dealer who sold him his final hit. A documentary due to be broadcast in Italy on Tuesday night will throw into question the manner of the death of popular cyclist Marco Pantani …

Is Marco Pantani still alive?

Deceased (1970–2004)
Marco Pantani/Living or Deceased

Was Marco Pantani a doper?

Pantani was the greatest climber of his generation, a legend in his homeland yet. simultaneously, fatally flawed. He was a doper and a cheat, a depressive and a drug-addict. Pantani was articulate and charismatic, with former world champion Laurent Jalabert describing him as “a genius” on a bike.

Where was Marco Pantani from?

Cesena, Italy
Marco Pantani/Place of birth

Why did Marco Pantani commit suicide?

In the early evening of 14 February 2004, Pantani was found dead at a hotel in Rimini, Italy. An autopsy revealed he had cerebral edema and heart failure, and a coroner’s inquest revealed acute cocaine poisoning.

Was Pantani killed?

14 February 2004
Marco Pantani/Date of death

What bikes did Pantani?

Bike Gallery: Marco Pantani’s Bianchi XL EV2 from the 2000 Giro d’Italia – Ride Media.

What Bianchi did Pantani ride?

How tall is Pantani?

1,72 m
Marco Pantani/Height

What gears did Marco Pantani use?

Pantani used 170mm cranks and a 53/39 chainwheel ratio. Bianchi began sponsoring the Mercatone-Uno squad in 1998.

What killed Pantani?

Cocaine overdose
Marco Pantani/Cause of death
The coroner’s report on the death of Italian cycling great Marco Pantani will reveal he died last month of a cocaine overdose, according to judicial sources in Italy.

Is the movie Marco Pantani based on a true story?

The film is loosely based on the book Pantani: eroe tragico by Pier Bergonzi, Davide Cassani and Ivan Zazzaroni and it depicts real life events of road racing cyclist Marco Pantani. This article needs a plot summary. Please add one in your own words.

How did Marco Pantani get hurt in the Giro?

Pantani returned to the Giro in 1997, but he was injured when a black cat caused an accident in front of him during one of the first stages. Even though he completed the stage, he was treated at a hospital for a muscle injury in the same leg he had hurt in 1995.

Where does the Marco Pantani memorial race start?

The Memorial Marco Pantani has been organised annually since 2004 in his memory. The race starts in Cesenatico, Pantani’s hometown, and follows a route towards his birthplace, Cesena.

Who is better Marco Pantani or Alexei Tonkov?

Having won over two minutes on Pantani in the previous time trial, Tonkov was considered superior to Pantani on the time trial discipline, but the Italian finished third in the penultimate stage, gaining an additional five seconds on Tonkov.

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