Where are the ruins of Metapontum in Italy?

Where are the ruins of Metapontum in Italy?

It was distant about 20 km from Heraclea and 40 from Tarentum. The ruins of Metapontum are located in the frazione of Metaponto, in the comune of Bernalda, in the Province of Matera, Basilicata region, Italy . Though Metapontum was an ancient Greek Achaean colony, various traditions assigned to it a much earlier origin.

Who was the founder of the city of Metapontum?

It was founded by an Achaean colony from Sybaris and Croton about 700 bc. Pythagoras died at Metapontum c. 500. The city declined after 207 when its inhabitants, who had supported Hannibal in the years following his victory at the Battle of Cannae (216), followed the defeated Carthaginian general in his retreat.

What did the coins of Metapontum look like?

The coins of Metapontum, as already observed, are very numerous; and many of the later ones of very beautiful workmanship. Those of more ancient date, like the early coins of Crotona and Sybaris, have an incuse fabric; that is to say that the relief design of the obverse is repeated intaglio on the reverse.

When did the Metapontines join the Tarentines?

In 332 BCE, when Alexander, king of Epirus, crossed over into Italy at the invitation of the Tarentines, the Metapontines were among the first to conclude an alliance with that monarch, and support him in his wars against the Lucanians and Bruttians.

What was life like for the people of Metapontum?

It is evident that Metapontum was at this period still wealthy; but its citizens had apparently, like their neighbors the Tarentines, fallen into a state of slothfulness and luxury, so that they were become almost proverbial for their lack of vigor.

Where did the name Metapontum come from in Greek mythology?

Antiochus of Syracuse said that it was originally called Metabus, from a hero of that name, who appears to have been identified with the Metapontus who figured in the Greek mythical story as the husband of Melanippe and father of Aeolus and Boeotus. An oenochoe (wine jug) found near Metapontum.

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