What township is Lake of Bays in?

What township is Lake of Bays in?

Lake of Bays is a township municipality within the District Municipality of Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. The township, situated 193 kilometres (120 mi) north of Toronto, is named after the Lake of Bays….

Lake of Bays
Incorporated 1971
• Type Township
• Mayor Terry Glover

Is Lake of Bays considered Muskoka?

The Township of Lake of Bays is located in northeastern Muskoka, beside world-renowned Algonquin Park. Known for its natural beauty, charming hamlets and recreational opportunities, Lake of Bays is a vibrant four-season community.

How many acres is Lake of Bays?

Lake of Bays (Muskoka lake)

Lake of Bays
Surface area 70.53 km2 (27.23 sq mi)
Average depth 22.25 m (73.0 ft)
Max. depth 79.25 m (260.0 ft)
Water volume 1,567,519,824 m3 (5.53564402×1010 cu ft)

How many lakes are in the Lake of the Bays?

100 lakes
With over 100 lakes to explore, Lake of Bays is a premier destination for cottagers and travellers seeking a summer playground or a winter wonderland. Check out our annual events, visit an artist’s studio or view our business directory to find accommodations, restaurants and services.

What towns are in Lake of Bays?

The three vibrant and inviting communities of Baysville, Dorset, and Dwight offer a variety of restaurants, galleries, and specialty shops, and each have their own self-guided Heritage Tour to enable visitors to learn about the history of the area.

Is Lake of Bays expensive?

Lake Muskoka, Lake Joseph, Lake Rosseau, Lake Vernon, Fairy Lake, Lake of Bays are some of the big, expensive lakes (for good reasons) that often keep a lower budget away. Prime Muskoka cottaging is fantastic, but is too expensive for all but the wealthiest new buyers. these lakes may be for you!

Is Lake of Bays clean?

Lake of Bays is not only the second largest lake in Muskoka, it’s also one of the cleanest lakes in cottage country. This is due to the fact it’s the first lake to receive water from the Algonquin Park watershed , just 30 kms away. The Lake of Bays area is also well-known for its incredible shoreline.

What kind of fish are in Lake of Bays?

Northern pike
Rainbow troutLake troutMuskellungeBrook trout
Lake of Bays/Fish

Is Lake of Bays good for swimming?

With its riches of lakes and rivers, it should come as no surprise that Huntsville and Lake of Bays have a number of beautiful sandy beaches. Perfect for both swimming and relaxing, Huntsville and Lake of Bays offer many beaches just waiting to be explored!

Is Lake of Bays good swimming?

This beach boasts wide open vistas and spectacular viewing of fall colours once swimming season has wound down. It sits aside highway 60 near the town of Hillside and is shallow enough for those who might prefer to wade rather than swim.

Where can I fish in Lake of the Bays?

Fishing spots near Lake of Bays

  • © Mapbox, © OpenStreetMap. Whitehouse Bay. Ontario, Canada.
  • Wadis Creek. Ontario, Canada. 11 Logged catches.
  • Haystack Bay. Ontario, Canada.
  • Whiskey Bay. Ontario, Canada.
  • Grandview Lake. Ontario, Canada.
  • Church Bay. Ontario, Canada.
  • Longline Lake. Ontario, Canada.
  • Echo Bay. Ontario, Canada.

Are there muskies in Lake Muskoka?

Muskoka is home to some of the best Muskie fishing in the world, and the current Ontario Record Muskie was caught in Muskoka in 1988. They are one of Canada’s largest freshwater gamefish, second only to Sturgeon in size, but they are definitely the most ferocious predator that swims in the lakes and rivers of Ontario.

Where is the lake of bays in Ontario?

Lake of Bays is a township municipality within the District Municipality of Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. The township, situated 193 kilometres (120 mi) north of Toronto, is named after the Lake of Bays. During the 2016 census, the township had a population of 3,167 and encompassed 677.91 square kilometres (261.74 sq mi) of land.

When was the lake of Bays Township established?

The Township of Lake of Bays was established in 1971 from the former Townships of Franklin, Ridout, McLean and Sinclair/Finlayson (unorganized) as one of six area municipalities within the District of Muskoka.

Are there zoning by laws in Lake of bays?

The Township of Lake of Bays By-laws are provided for convenience purposes only. For accurate reference, the original by-laws and individual amendments should be consulted, as there may be site specific provisions that apply to certain properties. In the Township of Lake of Bays, there are currently two Zoning By-laws in effect:

How often does Lake of bays City Council meet?

Council meets regularly in accordance with the Council Procedural By-law and meetings are open to the public. Agendas and minutes are available in the Council and Committee calendars. Loading… Loading…

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