Is Oak Furniture Land still trading?

Is Oak Furniture Land still trading?

The UK’s largest retailer of oak furniture has been saved from the brink of collapse after being bought up in a pre-pack administration deal. Oak Furnitureland was sold for an undisclosed sum to hedge fund Davidson Kempner, saving 1,491 jobs.

Is Oak Furniture Land furniture made in UK?

Oak Furnitureland is a British furniture retailer specialising in fully assembled hardwood cabinet and dining furniture, and sofa ranges. The company has stores across the UK, with its headquarters located in Swindon in Wiltshire, England….Oak Furniture Land.

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Where is Oak Furniture Land sofas made?

Our oak comes from the USA, Croatia, Germany, France, Austria, Slovenia and China. Our acacia is from Vietnam, and our mango wood from India.

Does Oak Furniture Land come flat packed?

You’ll be happy to know that at Oak Furniture Land you won’t have to worry about that. All of our furniture is delivered making sure that minimal home assembly is needed. That’s why we never ship flat-packed furniture. First and foremost, we value your time and look forward to providing the best service possible.

What is happening to Oak Furniture Land?

Oak Furnitureland is to shut 27 stores, in a move which will put 163 jobs at risk. The hardwood furniture business has announced restructuring plans a month after it was rescued from collapse in a pre-pack administration deal.

Is Oak Furniture Land solid wood?

We’re all about quality – and 100% solid hardwood.

What finish does Oak Furniture Land Use?

Oak Finished with Danish Oil There is a vast array of different finishes available on the wooden furniture retail market today.

Does oak furniture change Colour?

A piece of natural oak wood can take on virtually any hue; from light beige through brown and red. You’ll also note that oak pieces will change color somewhat as the years pass, with white oak tending to pick up an amber hue.

Do Oak Furniture Land deliver to Spain?

Oak Land Europe deliver oak and painted furniture across France Spain and Portugal on a weekly basis.

Who bought Oak Furniture Land?

Davidson Kempner Capital Management
Oak Furnitureland has been acquired by a global investment management firm for an undisclosed sum as part of a deal to secure the retailer’s future. Davidson Kempner Capital Management bought out the furniture retailer via a re-pack administration deal following a sale process undertaken by Deloitte.

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