Is Symmes chapel open to the public?

Is Symmes chapel open to the public?

Known by locals as “Pretty Place,” this site more than earns its name. The chapel is perched atop Stone Mountain in YMCA Camp Greenville and is closed to the public during camp functions. Visitors can call ahead to check availability.

Where is Camp Greenville in the mountains?

Blue Ridge Mountains
Camp Greenville is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, about an hour drive from Greenville, SC and Asheville, NC. Set on a ridge overlooking the Carolina Piedmont, Camp Greenville features 1400 acres of land at 3200 feet.

What county is Camp Greenville in?

Brevard, NC, Transylvania County is the closest area (within a 25 minute drive) to look for reception venue and lodging.

What do they do at summer camp?

In many camps, counselors are assigned to small groups of campers, called “bunks”, “huts”, “cabins”, or “units”, who participate in activities as a group, such as campfires, hiking, canoeing, swimming, nature lore, and arts and crafts. Counselors often share living accommodations with their group.

How long is the hike to Symmes chapel?

roughly 6.75 miles
Depending on if you decide to camp at one of the various trail side camping spots (reservations and fees required through the State Park), the total round hike to the waterfall, the chapel, and back is roughly 6.75 miles.

Can you get married at Pretty Place chapel?

It is the spiritual center of camp, and a special place to those who have visited. When you host your wedding ceremony at Pretty Place, you and your guests will be treated to a gorgeous view of South Carolina’s Upstate, and a truly unique outdoor wedding experience.

Can you get married at Camp Greenville?

Camp Greenville has been in existence since 1912 and covers 1400 acres. It is a year-round operation serving as a Summer Camp, Environmental Education Center, Group & Conference Center, and wedding venue.

Can you drive to Pretty Place Chapel?

The drive is along a winding road that mostly follows the ridgeline of the mountain. There is a parking lot at the chapel and there are restrooms available during the warmer months (April–September). There is no cost for visiting, but donations are accepted.

Can you get married at Pretty Place Chapel?

What is the best sleep away camp?

Top 8 Overnight Sleepaway Camps 2022

  • Camp Cody. Camp Cody is a premier New England summer camp with 2-week and 4-week sessions at a spectacular lakeside National Forest setting.
  • Pali Adventures.
  • AstroCamp California.
  • Teton Valley Ranch Camp.
  • Camp Kupugani.
  • Camp Cedar.
  • Camp Blue Ridge.
  • Friendly Pines Camp.

What’s the name of the YMCA in Greenville SC?

Fred W. Symmes Chapel (also known as “Pretty Place” because of its amazing view) is one of the many buildings that make up YMCA Camp Greenville. It was given by Mr. Fred W. Symmes for the enjoyment of the boys and girls who camp here each summer and is the spiritual center of the camp.

When was the chapel built at YMCA Camp Greenville?

It was given by Mr. Fred W. Symmes for the enjoyment of the boys and girls who camp here each summer and is the spiritual center of the camp. The current chapel was constructed in 1941 with several additions and improvements made in subsequent years including major upgrades made in 2012 and 2018.

Is there a summer camp in Greenville SC?

Camp Greenville is all these things and more. An overnight adventure camp in a beautiful setting, Camp Greenville is what you remember summer camp being, with the promise of bright new memories to come. A time for friendships, adventure and places to explore. At Camp Greenville we are all about our campers and parents.

When do they start hiring for camp Greenville?

Summer 2022 hiring will begin in November. Camp Greenville welcomes visitors to enjoy the beauty of the Chapel during daylight – except when it is in use for a Camp Greenville event or for another reserved event (weddings, dedications, memorial services, etc.).

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