Is Billy Bragg married?

Is Billy Bragg married?

Juliet Bragg
Billy Bragg/Spouse

Is Billy Bragg His real name?

Stephen William Bragg
Billy Bragg/Full name

What accent does Billy Bragg have?

Even Billy Bragg, well-known for singing in a raw London accent, has said: “You can’t sing something like [Smokey Robinson’s] ‘Tracks of My Tears’ in a London accent… the cadences are all wrong.”

Who originally sang California Stars?

Woody Guthrie
“California Stars” may well be the most famous Woody Guthrie song he never recorded. The iconic songwriter died in 1967, but his songs found new life 30 years later, after his daughter Nora uncovered thousands of his unrecorded lyrics.

Is Billy Bragg rich?

Billy Bragg net worth: Billy Bragg is an English singer-songwriter and political activist who has a net worth of $5 million. Billy Bragg was born in Barking, Essex, United Kingdom in December 1957.

Is Billy Bragg punk?

Stephen William Bragg (born 20 December 1957) is an English singer-songwriter and left-wing activist. His music blends elements of folk music, punk rock and protest songs, with lyrics that mostly span political or romantic themes.

Who is Billy Bragg partner?

Who wrote California Stars Wilco?

California Stars/Lyricists

When did Woody Guthrie write California Stars?

L.A.-based singer-songwriter Darryl Holter has delved into the songs Guthrie wrote in Los Angeles in the 1930s for a new studio album “Radio Songs: Woody Guthrie in Los Angeles 1937-1939,” due May 8.

Is Billy Bragg and Wilco?

The British singer Billy Bragg and the American band Wilco collaborated to put to music and perform previously unheard lyrics written by American folk singer Woody Guthrie. The project was organized by Guthrie’s daughter, Nora Guthrie.

Who wrote the lyrics to California Stars?

California Stars/Lyricists
Today is National Poetry Day in the UK, and the theme is “Stars.” What better way to salute British poetry than with a song penned by a quintessential American folk icon? California Stars is a beautiful poem/song written by Woody Guthrie, but never recorded until Wilco and Billy Bragg put it on Mermaid Avenue (1998).

When did California Stars come out?

California Stars/Released

When did Billy Bragg and Wilco release California Stars?

California Stars by Billy Bragg & Wilco. Album: Mermaid Avenue (1998) The lyric was written by Woody Guthrie, but Guthrie never recorded it or wrote music down for it. No exact date is known for the lyrics – it could have been anytime from the 1930s until it 1940s, although Guthrie had.

How many studio albums does Billy Bragg have?

The discography of British singer-songwriter Billy Bragg includes 13 studio albums (including 2 with Wilco and 1 with The Blokes), 6 live albums, 12 compilation albums, 5 extended plays, and 20 singles. Label: Go! Discs Label: Go!

When did Billy Bragg split from his band?

The band decamped to rural Oundle in Northamptonshire in 1978 to record a series of singles (the first on independent Chiswick Records) which did not receive wide exposure. After a period of gigging in Northamptonshire and London, they returned to Barking and split in 1980.

When did Billy Bragg record with Woody Guthrie?

Although Guthrie’s recording career was more or less over by 1947, his estate approached Billy Bragg in 1995 to set Woody’s handwritten, unrecorded lyrics to music. Thus the song is a collaboration piece that took place 30 years after Guthrie died.

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