Who makes Caterpillar forklifts?

Who makes Caterpillar forklifts?

Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc.
Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc. (MCFA) is a leading manufacturer of forklifts in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Latin America. Based in Houston, Texas, the company distributes three distinct brands – Mitsubishi forklift trucks, Cat® lift trucks and Jungheinrich® warehouse products.

Where are Cat lift trucks manufactured?

facility in Houston is located on 42 acres (170,000 m2) of land and employs 1,200 workers, capable of producing over 25,000 forklifts per annum. MCFA is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and one of the worldwide MCF group of companies: MCFE (Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift Europe) based in Almere, Netherlands.

Does cat still make forklifts?

Cat lift trucks deliver innovative material handling solutions for your toughest applications. With load capacities ranging from 2,500 to 36,000 pounds, our forklift lineup consists of electric counterbalanced lift trucks to internal combustion (IC) cushion and pneumatic tire lift trucks.

Who is the best forklift manufacturer?

Toyota Industries Corporation
Top 20 Industrial Lift Truck Suppliers

2018 Rank Company 2018 Revenue (in millions)
1 Toyota Industries Corporation 13,292+
2 KION Group AG 6633+
3 Jungheinrich AG 4363
4 Mitsubishi Logisnext Co., Ltd. 4270

Who makes the most reliable forklift?

Heavy-Lifters of the Forklift Brands

  1. Hyster. Hyster is one of the most recognizable brands of forklift in the world.
  2. Yale. Yale is defacto #2, for being the second-most-recognizable and reliable brand in the world.
  3. Hiab.
  4. Toyota.
  5. Komatsu.

Why is it called a caterpillar?

* Caterpillar — The French thought this fuzzy fellow looked like a hairy cat, so they called it a “chatepelose,” “chat” meaning “cat,” and “pelose” meaning “hairy.”

Where are UniCarriers forklifts made?

Today, UniCarriers provides forklifts throughout the world. The UniCarriers Americas facility in Marengo, Illinois, sets the benchmark for all of our worldwide manufacturing locations. And we continue to push the envelope, bringing new technology and innovation to our equipment…and the material handling industry.

What kind of forklifts does caterpillar make?

Today, Caterpillar is not only involved in developing efficient and energy-saving forklifts, but also in manufacturing over 300 types of machines. Some of the products include compact rack, multi-terrain loaders, forwarders, harvesters, hydraulic excavators, and skidders.

Who are the largest manufacturers of forklift trucks?

Cat® Lift Trucks are one of the leading manufacturers of forklift trucks and materials handling equipment with a network of dealers across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

What do you know about Cat Lift Trucks?

ABOUT CAT LIFT TRUCKS As one of the most trusted forklift brands in the world for more than 50 years, Cat® Lift Trucks offers quality and reliable forklifts with exceptional customer service.

Which is the toughest type of forklift truck?

Considered as one of the toughest workhorses in the material handling world, Cat Lift Trucks are made to operate in wet and dirty environments. Diesel powered forklift trucks are easy to maintain and have a wide range of lift capacities. The easy-to-use features and optional extras allow operators to maximize their forklifts’ productivity.

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