How do I print a long double in printf?

How do I print a long double in printf?

%Lf format specifier for long double %lf and %Lf plays different role in printf. So, we should use %Lf format specifier for printing a long double value.

How do you denote a long double?

Long double constants are floating-point constants suffixed with “L” or “l” (lower-case L), e.g., 0.333333333333333333L. Without a suffix, the evaluation depends on FLT_EVAL_METHOD.

What is the role of the control string in the printf () function Linux?

The printf() function sends a formatted string to the standard output (the display). This string can display formatted variables and special control characters, such as new lines (‘\n’), backspaces (‘\b’) and tabspaces (‘\t’); these are listed in Table 2.1.

How do you write printf?

C Language: printf function (Formatted Write)

  1. Syntax. The syntax for the printf function in the C Language is: int printf(const char *format.
  2. Returns. The printf function returns the number of characters that was written.
  3. Required Header.
  4. Applies To.
  5. printf Example.
  6. Example – Program Code.
  7. Similar Functions.
  8. See Also.

What is the difference between %F and LF?

4 Answers. For scanf , %f reads into a float , and %lf reads into a double . For printf : In C99 and later, they both are identical, and they print either a float or a double . In C89, %lf caused undefined behaviour although it was a common extension to treat it as %f .

How do I print long long?

For most other platforms you’d use %lld for printing a long long. (and %llu if it’s unsigned). This is standarized in C99.

What is a C++ long double?

Type long double is a floating point type that is larger than or equal to type double . Microsoft-specific: The representation of long double and double is identical. The Microsoft C++ compiler uses the 4- and 8-byte IEEE-754 floating-point representations.

What is the size of long double?

8 bytes
Windows 64-bit applications

Name Length
float 4 bytes
double 8 bytes
long double 8 bytes
pointer 8 bytes Note that all pointers are 8 bytes.

How do I printf a double?

We can print the double value using both %f and %lf format specifier because printf treats both float and double are same. So, we can use both %f and %lf to print a double value.

Is printf thread safe?

It’s thread-safe; printf should be reentrant, and you won’t cause any strangeness or corruption in your program. You can’t guarantee that your output from one thread won’t start half way through the output from another thread.

How do I print double Inc?

How do I print %d output?

printf(“%%d”) , or just fputs(“%d”, stdout) . To get a % you need to have %% . The printf man page says: conversion specifier % A ‘%’ is written.

Can you print a 10 byte long double in C?

printf and scanf function in C/C++ uses Microsoft C library and this library has no support for 10 byte long double. So when you are using printf and scanf function in your C/C++ code to print a long double as output and to take some input as a long double, it will always give you wrong result.

How to use printf and scanf for long double?

If you want to use long double then you have to use ” __mingw_printf ” and ” __mingw_scanf ” function instead of printf and scanf. It has support for 10 byte long double. Or you can define two macro like this : ” #define printf __mingw_printf ” and ” #define scanf __mingw_scanf ” Use standard format for long double : %Lf

How to print a long double in GCC?

To print your long double, just cast them back to double and use “%lf”. Double can have at most 15 significant digits so it is more than enough. Of course, if it’s not enough, you ought to switch to Linux’s GCC. Most programs actually don’t need the extra digits for the output.

Is the long double the same size as the double?

Windows assumes long double is the same size as double; gcc makes long double bigger. Either choice is valid, but the combination results in a broken C and C++ implementation. If you don’t need the extra range and precision, you can read into a double and store into a long double.

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