Is Fast Forward Academy legit?

Is Fast Forward Academy legit?

Fast Forward Academy is an educational provider that creates study material for professional certifications. With particular emphasis on accounting, their Enrolled Agent prep courses are designed around the purpose of helping students accomplish and learn more in less time.

Is EA exam hard to pass?

The pass rate on the SEE varies for each of the three parts of the exam. The most difficult test for most candidates is Part 2 (Businesses). Only about 60% of exam takers have passed this part in the past three years….EA Exam Pass Rates.

Section Rate
Part 1 75-80%
Part 2 60%
Part 3 90%

How long does it take to study for EA exam?

Number of EA Exam Study Weeks

Exam Part # of Study Hours 10 Hours/Week
1 80-100 8-10 weeks
2 80-100 8-10 weeks
3 60-80 hours 6-8 weeks
Total 220-280 hours 22-28 weeks

Does Fast Forward Academy expire?

Unlimited Access Unlike some guides that only give you a year or 18 months to study, Fast Forward is with you until you pass all four sections no matter how long it takes. This is huge! You don’t want a course that will expire before you even have a chance to finish the exam. Fast Forward never expires.

What is an Enrolled Agent IRS?

An enrolled agent is a person who has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service by either passing a three-part comprehensive IRS test covering individual and business tax returns, or through experience as a former IRS employee.

Does Fast Forward Academy have an app?

Fast Forward Academy Frequently Asked Questions Currently, Fast Forward Academy doesn’t offer any kind of app for their educational courses and study materials. However, their prep course has been designed for easy access and use on a variety of smartphones and tablets.

What is an EA vs CPA?

EAs and CPAs are both knowledgeable, experienced professionals who are required to maintain high ethical standards. The primary difference between an EA vs CPA is that EAs specialize in taxation, and CPAs can specialize in taxation and more.

Are Enrolled Agents accountants?

An enrolled agent is a tax practitioner who is licensed at the federal level by the Internal Revenue Service. In fact, enrolled agent status is the highest credential awarded by the IRS. On the other hand, certified public accountants are licensed by their applicable state boards of accountancy.

How to prepare for the EA exam Fast Forward Academy?

Prepare for the EA Exam with a Fast Forward Academy instructor as they work through key topics and study questions from our industry-leading review course. Available in 23 on-demand sessions, our EA bootcamp gives you an instructor-led class experience with all of the flexibility and convenience of a self-study course.

Is there a contact form for Fast Forward Academy?

Fast Forward Academy offers a contact form that can be sent as an email or used to schedule a phone conversation. As with most online review courses, self-motivated students who take the initiative to read and study the material and actually do practice questions and practice tests will get the most out of this course.

What does fast focus do on the EA exam?

With one click, you can zero in on all of the areas that could have the biggest impact on your EA exam score. We call this feature “Fast Focus” because it allows you to concentrate on the most important questions and content.

Which is the most expensive package of Fast Forward Academy?

The most expensive package offered by Fast Forward Academy is their EA Smart Bundle, which contains both the Study Guide and the Online Course content. For students interested in having both physical and digital study tools, this is a decent value; however, the extra cost for an identical copy of their textbook may be redundant to most students.

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