Who is the daughter of Anil Ambani?

Who is the daughter of Anil Ambani?

Tina Ambani (nee Munim) is a former Indian actress and chairperson of the Mumbai-based Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Harmony for Silvers Foundation and Harmony Art Foundation.

How many son and daughter does Anil Ambani have?

Anil Ambani Age, Biography, Wife & More

Wife/Spouse Tina Ambani (Former Indian Film Actress)
Children Sons- Jai Anshul Ambani (born, 1996), Jai Anmol Ambani Daughter- N/A
Money Factor
Net Worth $3.3 billion

Who are kids of Anil Ambani?

Anil and Tina Ambani are parents to Jai Anmol, 29, and Jai Anshul, 25. In her birthday post for her younger son, Tina Ambani said she was proud of his “amazingly inclusive world view”.

How many property does Anil Ambani have?

Mr. Anil Ambani’s Assets:

Estimated Net Worth 2020 Rs. 0 Crores
Estimated Net Worth 2017 Rs. 309 Crores
Average Annual Income Rs. 186 Crores
Personal Investments Rs. 195 Crores
Luxury cars Rs. 20 Crores

Where do Anil Ambani live?

Once upon a time, before Anil’s brother Mukesh Ambani built what has been called one of the most expensive residential properties in the world, Antilia, in Mumbai, he and his family – wife Nita and their children, Akash, Isha and Anant – shared the Cuffe Parade home with the rest of the Ambani clan.

Is Anil Ambani still rich?

“The current value of my shareholdings is down to approximately $82.4 million and my net worth is zero after taking into account my liabilities,” he told the court in 2020. Ambani’s elder brother, Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of India’s largest private firm, is ranked as Asia’s richest man.

What is the current situation of Anil Ambani?

In February 2020, Anil Ambani was locked in a legal battle with 3 Chinese banks. He was asked to set aside US$100 million by the court which led him to make the statement that his net worth is currently zero after considering his liabilities.

Where is Anil Ambani living now?

Anil Ambani
Children 2
Parents Dhirubhai Ambani (father) Kokilaben Ambani (mother)
Residence Sea Wind Building
Alma mater Kishinchand Chellaram College, Mumbai (Bachelor of Science) University of Pennsylvania (Master of Business Administration)

Is Anil Ambani a vegetarian?

5 days ago
“He is also a lifelong vegetarian, teetotaller and non-smoker who would much rather watch a movie at home with his kids than go out on the town.”

What is the religion of Anil Ambani?

Ambani is a surname belongs to Gujarati Bania caste of Vaishnav vanik Religion in India.

How big is the House of Anil and Tina Ambani?

Tina and Anil Ambani’s house in Pali Hill is spread across an area of 1600 square feet and beautifully done up by a team of designers from abroad. Dhirubhai Ambani’s younger son, Anil Ambani was once no less than elder brother Mukesh Ambani.

Who is the wife of Ambani brothers Jai and Anmol?

He has been enjoying his happy married life with his beautiful wife Tina Ambani since 1991. Tina Ambani is also chairman of Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. The couple has great love chemistry which keeps their bond strong. He has two beloved sons named as Anmol Ambani and Jai Anshul Ambani along with his wife Tina Ambani.

Who are the four children of Mukesh Ambani?

A well-known name in the world and the richest person of India, Mukesh Ambani is part of a business family of India the foundation of which was laid down by late Shri Dhirubhai Ambani, who had four kids – Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani, Deepti Salgaonkar and Nina Kothari. We will today be covering the Mukesh and Nita Ambani’s three children.

Who is the mother of Akash Ambani’s son?

Akash married his schoolmate Shloka Mehta, the youngest daughter of diamantaire Russell Mehta, on 9th March 2019. He has a son Prithvi Akash Ambani. She was born on 23rd October 1991.

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