Where should I sit for Arthur Ashe?

Where should I sit for Arthur Ashe?

Many of our long time, repeat clients consider sections 60-67, sections 1-9, and sections 26-45, the best sections in Arthur Ashe Stadium. Having said that, we have many folks who prefer to sit only in sections on the west side of the court between sections 44-58 to avoid the sun.

Which side of Arthur Ashe Stadium is better?

For Ashe: The roof creates a massive amount of natural shading all day for a large number of seats. The sections that get the most shade are in the South and West sections of the stadium; Next-best for shade are in the North. Sections with the most sun (to avoid for Day sessions) are on the East side.

How many seats are in a row in Arthur Ashe Stadium?

The changes to the US Open seating chat now make it so that virtually every row has 12 seats per row.

Which seats are in the shade at Arthur Ashe Stadium?

Your best bet for shaded seats would be in the south and west sections 3-6 so the sun is at your back after around 3:00 pm. General admission seats get the most shade especially under the overhang at the top.

How many suites are in Arthur Ashe Stadium?

US Open Tennis Championship Suite Prices and Details The suites, sometimes referred to as skyboxes, span across two levels, with the 200 level suites directly above the 100 level suites. Interior suite amenities are comparable regardless of location.

What does an Arthur Ashe ticket get you?

A reserved ticket to Arthur Ashe Stadium provides an assigned seat in the main stadium along with first-come, first-served access to General Admission unreserved seating in Louis Armstrong Stadium, the Grandstand and all of the field courts.

Is Arthur Ashe Stadium air conditioned?

The stadium is not fully conditioned; a new chilled water ventilation system controls humidity when the roof is closed. The roof, which cost $150 million, was part of a $550 million renovation of the National Tennis Center. The retractable roof project was completed in 2016.

Who sits in Osaka’s box?

When the top-seeded Osaka begins her title defense Tuesday against Anna Blinkova, the coach in her box will be Jermaine Jenkins, a former hitting partner of Venus Williams. Bajin is in New York with 53rd-ranked Kristina Mladenovic, who is No.

How much are box seats at the US Open?

There is a very wide range in price for luxury boxes at the US Open. The biggest determinant is what session you choose, with weekday night sessions and the Semifinals and Finals being the highest demand. Suite price can range from $15,000 to over $100,000 depending on which session is chosen.

Can you smoke at Arthur Ashe Stadium?

Show your ticket upon request and only sit in your designated seat accordingly. Follow instructions from event staff regarding event operations or emergency procedures and be respectful towards them. Umbrellas are not allowed to be opened during play (in fact, you won’t need to!) No smoking is allowed in the venue.

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