What kind of knobs go with oak cabinets?

What kind of knobs go with oak cabinets?

Contrasting colors will make the new hardware stand out and give some visual breaks in the monotony of overwhelming golden oak (this is the magic power of distraction) – black, dark oil-rubbed bronze and bright chrome offer the best contrast.

What metal goes with oak wood?

Copper is a beautiful complement to oak cabinets with its earthy rich metal finish. Whether it’s canisters or small decorative pieces, adding copper can help to simplify and unify your cabinets and decor as copper tends to have the same warm undertone as some oak finishes.

What should kitchen cabinet knobs match?

The Basics of Mixing Cabinet Hardware

  • Use a warm metal (gold, brass, copper) with a cool metal (chrome, nickel, pewter).
  • Never use two warm metals or two cool metals together because it will look mismatched.
  • A trendy mix right now is matte black with brass or gold.

Is Oak coming back in style?

Increased Use of Oak Wood. Although modern, you can feel the warm vibe in every inch of this room because of the natural wood. Laminated wood for the kitchen cabinets is one sleek way to do it! Oak wood cabinetry is starting to creep back into the kitchen and bathroom marketplace with Cerused and driftwood finishes.

How to choose the right knobs for your kitchen cabinets?

The small, rounded-top knob is the most traditional, and some knobs offer decorative lines and ridges to add visual interest. You can jazz up your kitchen with knobs that are square or those that look like smaller versions of decorative finials, often designed in hollow spiral shapes. Determine how easy your chosen knob is to clean.

What’s the average price of cabinet knobs and pulls?

Instead of going to the big-box stores, look for hardware through your local plumbing or cabinet showrooms, as they will have a larger variety and salespeople on hand to assist you. A good price range for knobs is $6 to $10 and for pulls is $7 to $12 and higher.

Do you use all knobs or only pulls?

You can also stick to only knobs or only pulls. The use of all knobs is a fad apparent in many older kitchens before there was a variety of hardware to select from. The use of all pulls is a more contemporary look but is also seen in more traditional kitchens with a more traditional pull style.

What to do with old oak kitchen cabinets?

Hardware makes an enormous difference in the bones of the cabinetry and the style of the room. If I was designing an kitchen with existing oak cabinets, here’s what I would do: Add some interest (probably a big framed print and a huge plant in a nice planter)

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