Why is my parcel still at the depot?

Why is my parcel still at the depot?

Held in depot for redelivery – Our driver has attempted to deliver your parcel. If we were unable to deliver your parcel securely directly to you the first time, the driver will have left a “We called to deliver / collect your parcel” card.

What is a local depot Hermes?

Your parcel has been transported to one of our national hubs for sorting based on its destination. Local delivery depot. Your parcel is at the nearest depot to its destination, waiting for delivery. Out for delivery. Your parcel is with a courier, on its way to its destination, and can be expected to arrive.

Can you collect parcel from Parcelforce depot?

If you want to collect your parcel from one of our depots then please visit the depot locator locator for the address, directions and opening times. Your parcel will be ready for collection from the next working day.

What does arrived at Depot mean?

Receipt at depot – your parcel has arrived either at the collection or delivery depot. Manifested for delivery / Out for delivery – your parcel has been assigned to the courier for delivery.

How long will Parcelforce hold a parcel for?

for 21 days
We will hold your parcel for 21 days so that you can pay and arrange delivery of your parcel. If you don’t pay the customs charges, your parcel will be returned to sender after the 21-day period.

Where do Hermes take undelivered parcels?

If we’re still unable to deliver your Parcel, we will return it to the sender’s address provided by you with the Parcel. If this address is incorrect or absent, we may have to dispose of your Parcel.

Where are Parcelforce parcels undelivered?

Post Office branch
When no one is available to accept the item, we will try and deliver the parcel to a neighbour, or to a local Post Office branch, where it will be held for 16 days. A card will be left informing the recipient of the attempted delivery and where the parcel can be collected from.

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