What does Gentex do?

What does Gentex do?

Gentex is first and foremost a technology company, proficient in a wide range of core competencies that yield a unique fusion of technologies. We currently develop and manufacture custom high-tech electronic products for the automotive, aerospace, and commercial fire protection industries.

Who does Gentex supply?

General Motors
Gentex is a leading supplier of digital vision, connected car, and dimmable glass technologies for the global automotive industry. The Company is a long-time supplier to General Motors .

Are Gentex helmets good?

They are renowned for innovation, reliability, and quality assurance. Gentex helmets are manufactured in a ISO-9001 certified factory and tested in an AS9001C certified laboratory under full-time, on-site, Defense Logistics Agency oversight. You can have confidence in Gentex helicopter helmets.

How do I contact Gentex?

Filling out this form is the best way for Gentex to assist you in resolving your concern. If, after you have filled out the form, you would like to speak to a product support representative, please call 1-877-475-1777.

Who is the CEO of Gentex?

Steve Downing (Dec 31, 2017–)
Steve Downing is the President and CEO of Gentex Corporation. He joined Gentex in 2002 and served in various leadership roles in commercial and financial management before being promoted to the role of CFO in May 2013.

What is Gentex India?

Gentex offers careers in all types of fields, from traditional corporate services like human resources and accounting to engineering disciplines and applied sciences. We hire chemists, researchers, industrial designers, physicists, engineers, programmers, robotics experts – the list goes on and on.

What are bump helmets for?

The helmet will prevent injuries from any blunt-force trauma, such as from falls and unkempt foliage, as well as from slow piercing damage, such as rocks and pebbles falling down on you while you climb. Additionally, unlike regular sports helmets, they protect the back of the head.

How does the F 35 helmet work?

“When they look toward the cameras embedded on the F-35, that image projects onto their helmet display.” The effect is such that, instead of having one screen in front of you showing icons and symbols marking compass directions or targets, your entire view has those images overlaid onto the real world.

What does Gentex sell?

Gentex Corporation (Nasdaq: GNTX) is an American company that develops, designs and manufactures automatic-dimming rear-view mirrors, camera-based driver assistance systems, and the HomeLink Wireless Control System and advanced technological equipment for the global automotive industry.

Is there a bulletproof helmet?

There is really no such thing as bulletproof helmets or any armor for that matter. There are bullet-resistant helmets and armor, but helmets that are positively bulletproof, meaning they will stop every single bullet fired into them is a misuse of the term bulletproof.

Why are ballistic helmets so expensive?

Several factors impact the cost of a ballistic helmet: NIJ standards – A helmet that has been tested and meets NIJ standards tend to cost more than one which hasn’t. Protection level – Generally, a high protection level brings a higher price tag. Weight – The lighter the helmet, the higher the cost.

What does an F-35 pilot see?

It can display night vision, thermal imagery and video from below the jet, letting pilots effectively see through the airframe and track targets without having to look back and forth from their cockpit screens. “The pilot can look down through a portion of their wing and see what’s below,” said Tech.

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