What is a hot coat?

What is a hot coat?

Sealcoating, or Hot-coating, is the second layer of resin applied to the board which fills in and smooths out all of the bumps from the saturated weave of the fiberglass and seals the board from water getting in. Sealcoating is the term for coating the board with epoxy resin.

Is a hot coat necessary?

A hot coat is always required. If not enough resin, than the fiberglass can easily de-laminate from the board. The Hotcoat more or less fills in the gaps left in the weave of the cloth after lamination. This not only gives you a smooth surface, but helps prevent water from seeping into the board over time.

Do you sand before hot coat?

Since you did a lot of the rough sanding on your hot-coat, you start sanding your gloss coat with higher grits. Most glossers start with 320 grit and remove the shiny surface first (don’t worry, it will come back). Make sure to keep your sandpaper as clean as possible, brushing the buildup off with a wire brush.

What is hot coat on surfboard?

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What does it mean to hot coat a surfboard?

Hot-coating is the application of a thin layer of epoxy over the lamination to provide a smooth surface final surface. Because surfboard hot coats are sanded to achieve their final finish they must be thick enough so as to not damage the underlying fiberglass in the lamination layer.

What is an epoxy hot coat?

Hot-coating is the application of a thin layer of epoxy over the lamination to provide a smooth surface final surface. Fill coats are commonly applied when the lamination surface has gelled but is still tacky. This allows for the fill coat to better adhere to the lamination surface and hold in place.

How much epoxy do I need for hot coat?

The rule of thumb for hot coating a surfboard resin is a little more than 1 oz of part “A” per foot of board length. You will require a bit more than this for a paddleboard, as they are much wider. For a 10-foot board, start by mixing mix 8oz epoxy with 4oz of hardener, for a total of 12 oz of mixed material.

Do you have to hot coat a surfboard?

In all three situations, a hot coat is required. The Hotcoat is a layer of resin that is applied on top of the laminated fibreglass. When a board is simply laminated, the fibreglass is completely saturated with resin, but then a good majority of the resin is squeezed out.

How much do surfboards cost?

How Much Do Surfboards Cost? The short answer is that it depends and can be anywhere from around $100 – $1200. The good news though is that there are very few justifiable reasons for you to put over a grand down on a surfboard.

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