Does a bar fridge have a freezer?

Does a bar fridge have a freezer?

Some glass door bar fridges feature heated fronts which prevent the build-up of condensation. While on the topic of doors, a bar fridge can come in single door and double door fridge variants, with the top mount fridge compartment offering freezer space.

Can I still use my Dion Wired card?

When is DionWired closing? All DionWired stores, will cease trading at 18:00 on 19 March 2020. Online shopping on will close at 8:30 am on 19 March 2020. But you can still get all your favourite brands at Game.

Are bar fridges efficient?

Also be conscious that bar fridges are generally not very energy efficient and can easily become big contributors to your electricity bills, so make sure you unplug yours if you’re not using it.

Do bar fridges use much electricity?

“Running the old bar fridge can make up 30 per cent to 40 per cent of your energy bill,” Mr Ambrose said. “A 400 litre fridge in 1988 would, according to its energy sticker, pull 1500 kWh per year when new and a 2015 fridge of the same size will pull around 400 kWh per year.

What happened Dion Wired?

Massmart has announced that it is closing 23 Dion Wired stores as from today, Thursday 19 March 2020. A decision has yet to be made on whether the giant retail group will also close 11 non-performing Masscash stores. The announcement was made just after 7am this morning on the JSE Stock Exchange News Service.

Is Dion Wired open?

As of 6pm today [March 19], all Dion Wired stores will officially cease trading, according to the retailer’s Twitter page announcement. Profits at Dion Wired and Game stores took a huge plunge in 2019 due to terrible trading conditions, inspiring the consideration to close them down.

Is there a Dion Wired store in South Africa?

Dion Wired is one of the largest tech stores in South Africa. They have numerous shops around the country and also operate as an e-commerce store. Their large range consists of everything from home appliances and mobile tech to gaming, gadgets and photography equipment.

What kind of Gadgets does Dion Wired have?

Cell phones, tablets and gadgets: Dion wired also offers a wide range of cell phones, tablet and other gadgets such as kindle’s and other ereaders. Gaming and movies: Dion Wired has a massive selection of games for every sort of console, including games for Playstation, XBox, Nintendo, WII and Leapfrog.

Is there a Dion Wired special every week?

If you have a passion for the latest in tech and electronics, including mobile phones, music systems, laptops and tablets, you’re probably always browsing tech stores looking for the latest products on special. With Dion Wired, you’re in luck. This tech store is known for their incredible Dion Wired specials every week.

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