What verb is PUSE?

What verb is PUSE?

Preterite Tense – Verb Poner

yo puse (I put)
Ud./él/ella puso (you/he/she put)
nosotros pusimos (we put)
vosotros pusisteis (you guys put)
Uds./ellos/ellas pusieron (they/you all put)

How do you conjugate poner in Spanish?

Use regular conjugation rules in present tense.

  1. Tú pones (you put)
  2. Él/ella/usted pone (he/she/you put). Remember that objects have a gender in Spanish.
  3. Nosotros/as ponemos (we put)
  4. Vosotros/as ponéis (you all put)
  5. Ellos/ellas/ustedes ponen (they/you all put)

What is the yo form for poner?

For the present tense conjugation, go to Poner Conjugation – Present Tense….Poner Conjugation: Preterite Tense.

yo puse
él/ella puso
ns. pusimos
vs. pusisteis

What is the verb to put in Spanish?

If you want to say “put” in Spanish, the most commonly used verb is “poner.” You might say “Voy a poner un florero en la mesa.” which means “I’m going to put a flower vase on the table.” Of note, “poner” has an irregular yo conjugation in the present tense.

What is the verb stem of saber?

Here you have a list of irregular verbs and their stems in the preterite.

Irregular Verb Preterite Stem
poner pus
saber sup
tener tuv
hacer hic (exception: Él/Ella/Usted = hizo)

How do you use pause as a verb?

Verb She paused for a few seconds before crossing the street. We paused briefly to look at the scenery. He talked for over an hour without pausing. He picked up the remote control and paused the movie.

What is the meaning of the Spanish word Puse?

Puse | Spanish to English Translation – SpanishDict. puse. puse – I put. The word puse is the preterite form of poner in the first person singular. See the full poner conjugation.

Which is the transitive form of the word Puse?

The word puse is the preterite form of poner in the first person singular. A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.). ¿Dónde pones las llaves?Where do you put the keys?

How many verb tenses are there in Spanish?

There are 14 Spanish verb tenses. This includes 7 simple tenses (1 verb), and 7 compound tenses (a verb preceded by a helping verb). Note: It is important that each student master the Present Indicative tense as well as possible.

Which is the best book for Spanish verb drills?

SPANISH VERB DRILLS The Big Book Of By Hanna Harb Grids and Exercises SPANISH VERB DRILLS 9 780756010942 ISBN 978-0-7560-1094-2 10000 TheBig BooKof SPANISH VERB DRILLS The Only Verb Drill Book You’ll Ever Need! Packed into these 24 chapters are dozens of verb grids and exercises!

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