Is pitco a good fryer?

Is pitco a good fryer?

Through research, great design, and delivering on new ideas, we’re the world’s most reliable fryer company.

How do you reset a pitco fryer?

To reset this limit switch, first, you should turn off the appliance. Allow the fryer some time to cool down to room temperature. Now, press the self-cleaning burner system (SCBS) high limit reset button. This button is located behind the front panel at the top of the main burners.

Who owns pitco fryers?

the Middleby Corporation
The firm stepped up its exports decisively in the 1970s. By the time Blodgett Co. acquired Pitco in 1981, the parent corporation had grown its international resources tremendously. Today, Pitco is part of the Middleby Corporation, giving the brand broader visibility in international markets.

What is a pitco frialator?

Pitco┬« gas floor fryers work with your existing gas power hookup to help you fry up your customers’ favorite appetizers and side dishes.

Why is my deep fryer not working?

The most likely reason your deep fryer won’t turn on is an issue with the power cord. Most deep fryer power cords connect to the unit magnetically, and can become easily disconnected if the fryer is bumped or moved. These parts heat the deep fryer, so if one is faulty, the unit will not turn on.

How do you use pitco filter aid?

To use, simply add it to your hot oil before you fry, and you’re done! The unique formula will help remove sediment, carbon deposits, fatty acids, and other elements from your oil while you cook.

What does pitco mean?


Acronym Definition
PITCO Pacific International Trust Co Ltd (Vanuatu)
PITCO Pre-Installation and Test Check-Out

Where is the model number on a pitco fryer?

On Pitco fryers, this tag is usually located on the inside of the fryer door. The serial number is typically printed in a field reading “SERIAL NO.”

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