What is ADF WebLogic?

What is ADF WebLogic?

ADF is development framework to develop Fusion Application (and REA / Rich Enterprise Application using JSF) . Main steps for ADF application to WebLogic Server. 1.Install Oracle (BEA) WebLogic Server – skip this step if you already have WebLogic Server (For WebLogic Server Installation click here )

What is deployment in WebLogic?

The term application deployment refers to the process of making an application or module available for processing client requests in a WebLogic Server domain. For an administrator, application deployment generally involves the following tasks: Preparing applications and modules for deployment.

How do I deploy ear in WebLogic 12c?

Deploying EAR files for clusters in WebLogic Server

  1. To edit within the administrative console, lock the configuration edit hierarchy for the domain.
  2. Select Deployments.
  3. Select Install and browse to the location of the maximo.
  4. Select Install to deploy the EAR file to the cluster.
  5. Activate the changes.
  6. Deploy the maximo.

How do I deploy a WebLogic project?

To Deploy the EAR File to the Production Server Open the WebLogic Server console for the target server running in production mode. On the left-hand side Change Center pane, click Lock & Edit. On the left-hand side Domain Structure pane, click Deployments. On the right-hand content pane, click Install.

How to install ADF 12C on WebLogic Server?

Download the relevant ADF 12c Runtime version for your application server. Make sure all WebLogic Server processes are shut down. Run the installer. Enter the inventory location and click the “OK” button. Click the “Next” button on the welcome screen. Enter the appropriate middleware home and click the “Next” button.

How does JDeveloper work with WebLogic Application Server?

During application development using JDeveloper, developers can test the application using the Integrated WebLogic Server that is built into the JDeveloper installation, or they can use JDeveloper to directly deploy to a standalone application server.

Do you need ADF for Oracle Application Server?

For the latest information about Oracle Application Development Framework and Oracle JDeveloper, see the Oracle JDeveloper Release Notes on Oracle Technology Network. The application server requires the ADF runtime to run ADF applications.

How to install Oracle WebLogic Server on local host?

Use the Oracle Installer for JDeveloper to install Oracle WebLogic Server installations on both the local and remote hosts, if not already installed. If you are not installing JDeveloper Studio, you need to select the Application Development Framework Runtime option in the installer.

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