Did Jennifer Lawrence have a crush on Josh Hutcherson?

Did Jennifer Lawrence have a crush on Josh Hutcherson?

The two met while working on the 2005 film, Zathura. He said: “She was the coolest person I ever met. It was a big-time crush at the time. 100 percent.”

Was Josh Hutcherson invited to Jennifer Lawrence’s wedding?

Among the celebrity attendees were Emma Stone, Adele, Amy Schumer, Kris Jenner, Cameron Diaz, Lawrence’s Hunger Games co-star Josh Hutcherson and more.

Did the cast of Hunger Games get along?

While Peeta and Gale, played by Liam Hemsworth, didn’t get along so well on-screen, the two actors have remained close off set along with fellow co-star Woody Harrelson. “I saw Liam towards the end of last year, but this year he’s been off in Australia. We catch up every time we can,” he said.

Who does Josh Hutcherson have a crush on?

The actor said he has tried to set up a meeting between them. Josh Hutcherson has revealed that he has a crush on Emma Watson. The Hunger Games star said that he has tried to arrange a meeting with Watson through their managers.

Did Katniss and Peeta ever date in real life?

Josh Hutcherson played the role of Peeta Mellark, the boy who eventually won Katniss’s heart. He started dating his co-star Claudia Traisac back in 2014 after they filmed a movie together called Escobar: Paradise Lost. The couple has kept their dating life a secret, but as far as we can tell they are still together.

Who is Josh Hutcherson’s best friend?

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson have the best friendship ever, and here’s the proof.

How old was Josh Hutcherson in Hunger Games?

29 years (October 12, 1992)
Josh Hutcherson/Age

Are Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence friends?

Read on for all the scoop. Fans would know, Jennifer has herself confessed to being romantically involved with Liam Hemsworth. The duo worked together in The Hunger Games and has been friends for a really long time. During her appearance at the Andy Cohen Show, Lawrence had confirmed, “Liam and I grew up together.

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