What is Solcoseryl ointment used for?

What is Solcoseryl ointment used for?

Solcoseryl is a component of calf blood indicated to improve healing of the skin, mouth, or cornea.

How do you use Solcoseryl ointment?

Solcoseryl Ointment is applied thinly 1-2 times a day and covered with a dressing. Do not massage in. Duration of treatment: until the wound has completely healed. Use the dosage indicated in this package insert or prescribed by the physician.

How do you use Mebo ointment?

2 Treatment for first-degree burns or scalds: Directly smear MEBO onto the wound 2–3 times daily. 3 Treatment for superficial second-degree burns or scalds: Directly smear MEBO onto the wound to a thickness of 0.5–1.0 mm.

Is Mebo an antibiotic?

The antibiotic and wound-healing properties of MEBO have been proven in clinical practice. There are different opinions about the mechanism of this antibiotic effect, so research on this subject is very important.

Is Mebo good for wounds?

MEBO promotes the healing of the resulting, quite extensive wound, reducing pain and controlling infection. It is a also a cost-effective therapy as it accelerates healing and reduces hospital stay by 41.7%.

How do I apply for Mebo?

how to use

  1. Apply a thin layer of Mebo Scar Ointment to the scar or wound area so that it is fully covered.
  2. Put the ointment 3-4 times daily when leaving the area exposed or twice a day if a bandage is placed.
  3. Store below 25° C.
  4. For external use only.

Is Mebo good for skin?

Also some studies have proved the efficacy of MEBO in secondary healing of partial thickness wounds, such as split thickness skin graft sites, with improved cosmetic results and better scar quality.

Is Mebo antibiotic?

Can I put Mebo on an open wound?

The study showed that use of MEBO showed consistently good results and is a simple, safe, easily available, and cost-effective method of management for open wounds.

Can I use Mebo on my face?

Moist exposed burn ointment (MEBO) has been proposed as the ideal burn wound dressing both for burns of the face and other sites. Proponents of MEBO claim that it accelerates wound healing and results in scarless wound healing and at the same time reduce bacterial colonisation and the need for analgesics.

Is Mebo anti bacterial?

MEBO has been suggested to exert analgesic activity, anti-inflammatory activity, and antibacterial property, which was used in plastic surgery for patients with burns, sunburn, pressure sore, diabetic ulcers, skin graft donor site, and all types of surgical and traumatic wounds and has achieved beneficial efficacy ( Al …

Can I use Mebo on open wound?

When to use solcoseryl gel ointment on a wound?

Since the appearance of fresh granulation and drying wound recommended Solcoseryl ointment containing as an auxiliary component fats and forming a protective film on the wound surface. Solcoseryl gel / ointment applied in the following cases: difficult healing wounds (including trophic ulcers and bed sores).

What do you need to know about solcoseryl cream?

Buy Solcoseryl cream with the most flexible shipping options! Solcoseryl is a universal drug that promotes restoration, regeneration and improvement of metabolism in tissues. Solcoseryl is classified as an activator of tissue metabolic processes. It stimulates trophism and cell regeneration.

How often should you apply solcoseryl jelly ointment?

Solcoseryl Jelly Ointment is applied thinly 1-2 times a day and covered with a dressing. Do not massage in. Duration of treatment: until the wound has completely healed.

When to use solcoseryl jelly on a burn?

Solcoseryl Ointment promotes the healing of dry wounds. It is particularly suitable for minor burns and abrasions. It is used in combination with the jelly for deep, poorly healing wounds to protect the newly formed skin. This reduces the healing time.

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