Where is the DACHSER logistics center in Germany?

Where is the DACHSER logistics center in Germany?

DACHSER opens new logistics center in Freiburg. This weekend, logistics provider DACHSER held a ceremony to mark the opening of its new logistics center on the Breisgau industrial park in Freiburg, Germany. Covering a total area of 6,117 square meters, the new facility houses a transit terminal with 82 docking bays as well as a two-story office…

Who is Dachser and what do they do?

DACHSER Mexico, a subsidiary of leading global logistics provider DACHSER, offers a cross-border trucking and customs clearance service that seamlessly connects its customers to DACHSER USA’s LCL service between China and U.S. west coast ports.

How to contact DACHSER shipping service in the world?

Dachser shipping service in the world: America: USA, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, etc. Europe: Germany, France, Denmark, Austria, etc. Asia-Pacific: China, India, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, etc. Africa: Morocco, South Africa. Contact Dachser. Contact number: +49 831 5916 0. Email address: [email protected]

What makes DACHSER logistics a good business partner?

DACHSER sees itself primarily as a partner to its customers. Logistics solutions and service tailored to the needs of the client, in the context of a partnership approach, create genuine win-win situations – which result in a strong foundation for long-term, successful business relationships.


Where does DACHSER have a branch in Belgium?

DACHSER is investing in its branch in Willebroek near Antwerp, Belgium. The expansion of the cross-docking and on-site parking facilities started this summer and is planned to be completed by the end of the year. When Selina Hipp started planning her career path, logistics wasn’t even on the list. Neither was the chemical industry.

What does DACHSER do in the supply chain?

DACHSER’s global transport and warehouse network enables seamless supply chains in every corner of the world. It provides a proven, reliable basis for intelligent distribution and procurement logistics as well as trustworthy, long-term partnerships as par

Where is DACHSER building in Neumunster, Germany?

DACHSER is building in Neumünster. DACHSER is building a transit terminal for industrial goods and food at Isarstrasse on the industrial estate south of Neumünster. This investment is worth some EUR 17.4 million.

Who is the Chief Financial Officer of DACHSER?

Eling also heads the company-wide strategic ideas and innovation management program, Idea2net. As Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at DACHSER, Robert Erni is responsible for finance, taxes, and legal affairs. The family-owned company offers its customers worldwide transport and warehouse services as well as services along the entire supply chain.

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