Is GlobalLogic a good company?

Is GlobalLogic a good company?

Productive and fun place. Good company to start your carrier. Not much to learn but for college pass-outs but the environment is like college. Not a good place if you are looking for hike.

Is GlobalLogic a service based company?

GlobalLogic is an American digital product engineering services company headquartered in San Jose, California, United States. It is a independent subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd. GlobalLogic provides software product design and development services….GlobalLogic.

Type Subsidiary
Founded 2000
Headquarters San Jose, California

Who is the CEO of GlobalLogic?

Shashank Samant (May 2, 2012–)

What do you know about GlobalLogic as a company?

GlobalLogic, a Hitachi Group Company, is a leader in digital product engineering. For over 20 years, GlobalLogic has partnered with businesses across every major industry to make amazing products and connect the dots between people, products, and business opportunities.

Is GlobalLogic a big company?

“We are on track to be a billion-dollar company where our organic growth will take us to 900 million plus (by 2020),” said Shashank Samant, chief executive of GlobalLogic. BENGALURU: IT outsourcing firm GlobalLogic has crossed $550 million in revenues and is on track to achieve the $1 billion target by 2020.

Is GlobalLogic a Google company?

We are Google Cloud Premium Partner (GCP) | GlobalLogic.

Is GlobalLogic a MNC company?

GlobalLogic – A good MNC to start career | Glassdoor.

Is GlobalLogic a Fortune 500 company?

GlobalLogic, an Inc. 500 company, has been ranked as a top employer in India and Ukraine by IDC and Hewitt Associates respectively. GlobalLogic is headquartered in Vienna, Virginia and has European headquarters in London, UK.

Who owns GlobalLogic?

Globallogic Worldwide Holdings, Inc.
GlobalLogic/Parent organizations
TOKYO, March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501, “Hitachi”) today announced that it will acquire GlobalLogic Inc. (President and CEO: Shashank Samant, “GlobalLogic”), a leading U.S.-headquartered digital engineering services company.

What is the current employee strength of GlobalLogic?

Currently, the San Jose-based company has about 13,000 employees globally with the India count at about 6,500.

Where is GlobalLogic digital product engineering services company?

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, GlobalLogic has been advising, designing, and building amazing software & digital products for over 20 years. GlobalLogic’s TAO app gives companies of all sizes access to premium digital transformation expertise and talent. This opens in a new window.

Who is the site manager for Atlassian at GlobalLogic?

Ibrahim, Atlassian Consultant I manage the Atlassian Consulting and Online Marketing portfolio at GlobalLogic. As the site manager in Stuttgart, I am particularly proud of our strong teams who share a passion for helping customers successfully digitize their business processes.

Is the management of GlobalLogic is good?

The management of GlobalLogic is good. Was this review helpful? I had a five day week at the company. I had an experience of working well in the company, I was in evening shift and I was posted on client location, I worked for around thirteen months in the company. Was this review helpful?

Who is the director of GlobalLogic in Germany?

GlobalLogic Germany allows me to mentor everyone to reach their full potential. For this purpose, I am happy to share my years of experience in the automotive, financial technology and telecommunication sectors. Markus, Director, Stuttgart

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