What time is high tide Brisbane River?

What time is high tide Brisbane River?

Today’s tide times for Brisbane: Saturday 23 October 2021

Tide Time (AEST)& Date Height
Low Tide 5:09 AM(Sat 23 October) 0.56 ft (0.17 m)
High Tide 11:28 AM(Sat 23 October) 7.09 ft (2.16 m)
Low Tide 5:49 PM(Sat 23 October) 1.41 ft (0.43 m)
High Tide 11:27 PM(Sat 23 October) 5.68 ft (1.73 m)

What are the tide times Brisbane today?

Today Sunday, 7th of November of 2021, the sun rose in Brisbane at 4:53:07 am and sunset will be at 6:10:35 pm. In the high tide and low tide chart, we can see that the first low tide was at 5:07 am and the next low tide will be at 6:03 pm. The first high tide will be at 11:33 am and the next high tide at 11:43 pm.

Does the Brisbane River have tides?

Historically, the Brisbane River contained upstream bars and shallows and had a natural tidal limit of only 16 km (10 mi). The current tidal limit now extends 85 km (53 mi) upstream due to continual channel dredging.

What time is high tide at Brisbane bar tomorrow?


High 8:35 AM 1.41m
Low 2:33 PM 0.78m
High 9:31 PM 1.99m
Low 4:29 AM 0.88m

What time is high tide for tomorrow?

Next high tide is 11:16 pm. Next low tide is 5:18 am. Sunset today is 4:45 PM. Sun rise tomorrow is 6:34 AM.

Is the Brisbane River polluted?

The presence of microbial contamination is common in urban waterways, particularly after heavy rainfall. The level of microbial contamination can vary on a daily basis. Council monitors the quality of the water at 11 sites in the Brisbane River and sections of Moreton Bay, which have high rates of recreational use.

Are there crocodiles in Brisbane River?

For people in north Queensland, crocodiles aren’t just some unsightly nuisance, like the ibises which irritate the residents of Brisbane. Crocodiles are single-minded man-eaters that inhabit every river, creek, dam, and even the stormwater drains, of tropical Queensland.

How long after low tide does it start coming in?

It takes six hours and 12.5 minutes for the water at the shore to go from high to low, or from low to high. Unlike a 24-hour solar day, a lunar day lasts 24 hours and 50 minutes. This occurs because the moon revolves around the Earth in the same direction that the Earth is rotating on its axis.

How tall is the Brisbane River at high tide?

The tidal heights seen at the Brisbane Bar (27° 22′ 42.6″ S, 153° 9′ 45.4″ E) directly affect the heights of the river, with an average difference of 1.8 m between low and high tides. The key tide height indicators are: Highest Astronomical Tide (HAT) 2.73 m

Where can I find the Queensland tide tables?

The Queensland Tide Tables publication is available free online and replaces the previous hard copy edition.

How big is the Brisbane River at the mouth?

The river is tidal and generally fairly wide, from 100 m to over 0.5 km wide at its mouth. Large freight tankers and even cruise ships could be encountered below Northshore / Colmslie, but can be safely paddled by most if you stay near the shoreline away from the main traffic on the river.

Which is the lowest tide level that can be predicted?

Note that Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT) datum is the lowest tide level which can be predicted to occur under average meteorological conditions and under any combination of astronomical conditions.

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