What happened Brett Keisel?

What happened Brett Keisel?

Since retirement from football, Brett and his wife Sarah have been involved with numerous charitable organizations, including the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Where is Brett Keisel from?

Provo, Utah, United States
Brett Keisel/Place of birth

Who is the Getgo Mountain dude?

Brett Keisel
Brett Keisel (@bkeisel99) | Twitter.

What number is Brett Keisel?

99Pittsburgh Steelers / Defensive end
Brett Keisel/Number

Did Brett Keisel retire?

Brett Keisel may have played the bulk of his 13-year career with the Pittsburgh Steelers under head coach Mike Tomlin before retiring after the 2014 season, but he was originally drafted, as a seventh-round pick, by Bill Cowher back in 2002.

Where did Brett Keisel go to college?

Snow College
Brigham Young University
Brett Keisel/College

Is Brett Keisel Mormon?

Keisel, who will become the Steelers’ starting right defensive end this season, is a Mormon who decided not to take a mission. “After my freshman year all of my buddies were gone on missions,” Keisel said.

How much does Brett Keisel weigh?

129 kg
Brett Keisel/Weight

When did Brett Keisel play for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Brett Keisel. He was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the seventh round of the 2002 NFL Draft. He played college football at Brigham Young University. Keisel is known for his big beard, hence Steelers fans call him ‘Da Beard’.

What did Brett Keisel say about his beard?

Keisel refers to his beard as a “beautiful thing” and “the greatest beard of all time” and has encouraged other Steelers to grow beards as well. After the Super Bowl several videos were made about Keisel’s beard, including one that portrayed him as a Hasidic Jew.

How many brothers and sisters does Brett Keisel have?

He is the son of Connie and Lane Keisel. He has three sisters: Peggy, Kalli, and Codi; and four brothers: Tom, Lance, Chris, and Chad. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Sarah.

How many tackles did Brett Keisel have in the NFL?

Keisel had a total of 66 tackles, with 39 being solo tackles, 9 quarterback sacks, and 19 stops behind the line of scrimmage. The Pittsburgh Steelers selected Keisel in the seventh round (242nd overall) of the 2002 NFL Draft.

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