Where we can declare cursor in Cobol?

Where we can declare cursor in Cobol?

EXEC SQL DECLARE cursor-name CURSOR FOR SELECT column1, column2,… FROM table-name WHERE condition FOR UPDATE OF column,… FOR FETCH ONLY END-EXEC. The DECLARE CURSOR statement is usually placed in Working-Storage but it can go in the Procedure Division.

What is cursor declaration syntax?

To execute a multi-row query, Oracle opens an unnamed work area that stores processing information. A cursor lets you name the work area, access the information, and process the rows individually. For the syntax of datatype , see “Constant and Variable Declaration”. …

What is cursors Cobol?

Cursors in the application program are used to retrieve the multiple rows and process them one by one . Generally by using a singleton select statement in the application program, it is possible to retrieve only one row at a time as the host variable structure allows keeping one value at a time.

Why cursor is used in DB2?

In Db2, an application program uses a cursor to point to one or more rows in a set of rows that are retrieved from a table. You can also use a cursor to retrieve rows from a result set that is returned by a stored procedure. Your application program can use a cursor to retrieve rows from a table.

What is cursor with hold option in DB2?

The “WITH HOLD” option is for holding open a cursor (and its locks) when another cursor releases locks as a result of a COMMIT TRANSACTION. Commonly seen when a “master” table is searched in one cursor (with hold) while for each fetched row, another update operation is performed on a “detail” record of another table.

What is the syntax to invoke a stored procedure?

The EXEC command is used to execute a stored procedure, or a SQL string passed to it. You can also use full command EXECUTE which is the same as EXEC.

Why cursors are used in Db2?

How many types of cursors are there in Db2?

These two types of cursors are the type of updatable cursor.

How to use Db2 cursor in COBOL programs?

DB2 Cursor use in COBOL Programs 1 DECLARE DB2 cursor. Defines the cursor, gives it a name unique to the program in which it is embedded, and assigns an SQL statement to the cursor name. 2 OPEN DB2 cursor. Readies the cursor for row retrieval. 3 FETCH DB2 cursor. 4 CLOSE DB2 cursor. 5 UPDATE DB2 cursor. 6 DELETE DB2 cursor.

How to declare a scrollable cursor in DB2?

Write the syntax to declare a scrollable cursor on the ORDERS DB2 table. A SCROLLABLE CURSOR can move in both forward and backward direction. In other words, it can fetch next as well as previous rows. A SCROLLABLE CURSOR is declared using the “SCROLL” clause in the DECLARE CURSOR.

What does the Declare statement do in DB2?

DECLARE DB2 cursor statement. Defines the cursor, gives it a name unique to the program in which it is embedded, and assigns an SQL statement to the cursor name. The DECLARE statement does not execute the SQL statement; it merely defines the SQL statement.

What is the declare cursor statement in SQL?

Basically it contains the SQL statement to be executed. Sample Declare Cursor Statement: EXEC SQL DECLARE ‘cursor name’ CURSOR FOR SELECT col1, col2…. FROM Tab1 WHERE COL1= ‘xxxx’ END-EXEC. Declare Cursor statement is not an executable one, it just specifies the basic SQl to be executed and gives a name to the cursor.

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