What should I be doing 9 months before my wedding?

What should I be doing 9 months before my wedding?

Here’s what to do eight to nine months before the wedding:

  • Book your wedding vendors.
  • Tour and book your wedding venue.
  • Finalize your wedding guest list.
  • Create a wedding mood board.
  • Set up your wedding registry.
  • Create your wedding website.

Is 9 months long enough to plan a wedding?

As wedding planner Alison Hotchkiss-Rinderknecht of Alison Events puts it, nine months is more than enough time to put together your perfect day. And with her tips and timeline, you’ll breeze through the process.

What should I be doing 10 months before wedding?

10-12 Months Before Your Wedding Compile your guest list and organize addresses. Send save the date cards, priority to out of town guests. Consider potential wedding planners and day-of coordination help if needed and within your budget. Locate and reserve ceremony and reception site.

What do you need for a wedding checklist?

You’re on a roll …

  1. Choose bridal party attire and accessories.
  2. Reserve ceremony and reception venues.
  3. Book officiant.
  4. Hire photographer, videographer, caterer, DJ/band, florist, and planner.
  5. Mail your Save the Dates.
  6. Purchase wedding dress, veil and undergarments.
  7. Establish a fitness routine.

What is a good timeline for wedding planning?

5 Months Out.

  • 6 Months Out.
  • 7 Months Out. Book the Rehearsal-Dinner Venue.
  • 8 Months Out. Register for Gifts.
  • 9 Months Out. Buy Your Wedding Dress.
  • 10 Months Out. Start Shopping for Your Wedding Dress.
  • 11 Months Out. Choose a Color Theme and Start Thinking of Overall Design.
  • 12 Months Out. Determine Your budget.
  • What should I be doing 11 months before my wedding?

    What to Do 9 to 11 Months Before Your Wedding

    • Nine to 11 months before your wedding, you’ll make some crucial decisions and finalize a few major details like your guest list and venue choice.
    • Tour Venues.
    • Research and Interview Caterers.
    • Plan an Engagement Party.
    • Pick Your Color Theme.
    • Secure Your Venue.

    What a bride needs to do before marriage?


    • Bridal Care Before One Year Of Marriage.
    • Start getting regular body massages.
    • Bridal Care Before 6 Months Of Marriage.
    • Start following a healthy diet.
    • Start getting facials.
    • Get plenty of good quality sleep.
    • Bridal Care Before 3 Months Of Marriage.
    • Double cleanse at night.

    What should I do a month before my wedding?

    One Month to Go: Your Last-Minute Wedding Checklist

    1. First, Make a List. And check it, well, every day.
    2. Delegate.
    3. Make it Legal.
    4. Take Care of Business.
    5. Get Guest-Ready.
    6. Give Your Caterer a Final Head Count.
    7. Double-Check All the Attire You’ll Need.
    8. Take Your Seats.

    Do you need a checklist for wedding planning?

    With so many tasks to take care of and details to arrange, planning a wedding can seem overwhelming. But, if you give yourself enough time to plan and sort the tasks month by month with a wedding-planning checklist and wedding timeline, the job becomes more fun and less stressful.

    What’s the best length of time to plan a wedding?

    Tessa Lyn Brand is the founder of Tessa Lyn Events, a wedding planning agency based in southern California. Brand has worked on over 300 weddings to date. Though 12 to 14 months is the ideal length for an engagement, every couple’s engagement time is different.

    What to do one month out from wedding?

    (Hint: You guessed it, you’re one month out.) Apply for a marriage license —check with the local bureau in the town where you’ll wed. If you’re wearing a wedding dress, have your final fitting. Bring your maid of honor (or other wedding party members) along to learn how to bustle your dress.

    When do you need to book a wedding venue?

    Visit wedding venues for your ceremony and reception. Book your wedding venue ideally one year before your wedding, or at least at 9 months out With 10 to 11 months before the wedding day, you have plenty of time to plan – but get ahead early to avoid unnecessary stress!

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