Who is the blader in Zenonia 4?

Who is the blader in Zenonia 4?

Zenonia 4 is the fourth of the five Zenonia games. The Blader in Zenonia 4 is your typical fast damaging but fragile character. Its equivalent in the previous installment of the series was the Shadow Hunter. The difference is that the Blader is a tad clumsier and more rigid in his movements.

Which is the best way to level up in Zenonia 4?

This is the easiest way to level up in Zenonia 4 I believe. Pure INT: The most powerful stat build for the Druide. Pump all your points into INT. It gives the most attack (the INT stat for Druides gives more attack than the other 3 stats, as well as more Critical Rating than STR and CON).

How often do you add cons in Zenonia 4?

Hybrid: This build consists of adding 2 CON every 3 levels, or if you’re having any trouble with mobs/bosses, adding 1 CON per level. A great mix of damage and defense; this is probably one of the easier builds of any class in Zenonia 4 to play, but it’s still a lot of fun.

Can a Slayer turn Zenonia 4 into easy mode?

While this is slightly true, using the Slayer definitely doesn’t immediately turn Zenonia 4 into “easy-mode” (unless you decide to use G-Points to overpower yourself). You do die a lot less than the other characters though, as well as retain way more money.

How does the Shadow Hunter work in Zenonia 4?

The Shadow Hunter consistently dodged attacks by disappearing and reappearing behind enemies; the Blader doesn’t have this. This, in addition to Zenonia 4’s reduction of auto-aim, makes this class a bit more difficult to play than before.

What should I stock up on in Zenonia 4?

Orihalcon: Forgotten Hidden Temple [Aria]; Destroyed Coelraum, Basement Prison 2nd Floor, Sweltering Plains Middle [Heavenly Camp] Each character should primarily stock up on 1 type of gemstone: Diamond: Pretty much any mining node except for the ones outside Eraes and Adonis (low yield percentage from Deva bronze nodes).

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