How much does an iridium plan cost?

How much does an iridium plan cost?

Iridium Plan Airtime Rates

Plan Details Iridium 10 Iridium 100
Monthly plan fee $55.99 $89.99
Included voice minutes and text messages Includes 10 voice minutes and 10 text messages Includes 100 voice minutes and 100 text messages
One-time activation $35 $35
Incoming Calls/Text Messages

Does Iridium go work anywhere?

You can take Iridium go! anywhere. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and, like other Iridium devices, tough enough to withstand rain, sand, dust and rough use.

Can I use WhatsApp with Iridium go?

Unfortunately Iridium GO is not able to provide a connection fast enough for WhatsApp. It works exactly like a regular satellite phone but this one creates a hotspot that turns your cellphone into a satellite phone. The data connection is only 2.5kbps which is slower than dial up.

Is Iridium go waterproof?

The Iridium GO is ruggedly engineered with an IP65 waterproof and dust rating. By using your mobile phone to make the call, SMS or email the Iridium Go can remain in a fixed location on your boat, to be secure and safe.

Does Iridium go provide Internet?

The Iridium GO! is a WiFi hotspot, allowing your phone to connect to the Internet wherever you can get a satellite signal. However, the GO! has a maximum data speed of only 2.4kbsp, which means it would take between 2 and 5 hours to fully load a typical news website’s homepage.

Can satellite phones get Internet?

Can I get Internet on a satellite phone? Satellite phones do not provide sufficient data connection to use Internet services on your device. For Internet use we recommend satellite Internet devices like BGAN explorer 510 or IsatHub Isavi.

What is the data speed of Iridium go?

2.4 Kbits/s.
What is the Iridium GO Data Speed? The data speed is 2.4 Kbits/s. This is the same data speed as all other Iridium & Inmarsat Satellite phone services.

Does Iridium go work with iPhone?

Iridium GO! enables satellite connectivity for your iPhone/iPad where terrestrial networks are non-existent, unreliable, or costly. With Iridium GO! and the power of the Iridium global satellite network, your iPhone/iPad will now work anywhere on the planet. Visit for Iridium GO!

Is there a pay as you go plan for iridium?

Iridium GO! Monthly Service Plans Pay-as-you-go Iridium GO! Monthly Plans from BlueCosmo let you choose everything from 5 data minutes to unlimited data each month. You’ll also be able to lock in a per-minute rate for calling landline or mobile numbers.

How much is the activation fee for iridium?

A $50 activation fee applies to all new lines of service. A 12 month service agreement is required for all Iridium plans. An early termination fee of $250 will be applied to lines that do not fulfill their contract.

How much does an iridium go SIM card cost?

Set Descending Direction Quick View. Iridium GO! Quick View. Iridium GO! Quick View. Iridium GO! 400 Minute Global Prepaid Airtime SIM Card – 6 MONTHS Regular Price $650.00 Special Price $499.00 Quick View. Iridium GO! 1,000 Minute Global Prepaid Airtime SIM Card – 12 MONTHS Regular Price $850.00 Special Price $789.00 Quick View.

How long can iridium go be in preserve mode?

Iridium GO! Super SIM may be in Preserve mode no more than 6 months in a 12 Month period. If not Restored prior to 6 months it will automatically move back to the default plan. Iridium GO! Data includes email, weather, approved app usage and accessing websites via 2.4 kbps connection. Retrieving Voicemails on the Iridium GO!

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